Where It All Began – Dan + Shay

Dan + Shay released their album Where it All Began a few days ago. I have been waiting for this country album ever since I heard their first single “19 You + Me”. This album is really good, a great country album, I am very impressed. I thought for sure I would only like just the singles off this album. It turns out that I love every single off this album. It’s a 12-song album, with 3 acoustic songs making it a 15-song album. I really enjoy the acoustic sound to almost any song, I mean who doesn’t right? If I had to pick my favorite songs It would be “19 You + Me”, “Somewhere Only We Know”, and “I Heard Goodbye.”

“19 You + Me” the first single from the duo, was a great hit to start with. I loved this song as soon as it came on the Spotify radio. It has that spring/summer feel to it, that summer love feel as well. Most likely because they paint that picture for you to feel, with the lyrics ” Summer 19 you and me”. It’s a great song all together.

“Somewhere Only We Know” is a nice song as well. I liked how they sing it real fast in the beginning of the song then slow down then kind of speed up. The lyrics are about a girl of course what country song wouldn’t be complete with out that!

“I Heard Goodbye” a sad breakup song, its over a nice slow piano and I think I hear a violin as well. I love when albums have variety in their albums and variety in their lyrics as well.

Dan + Shay have made a great album. Like one of my friends had mentioned they kind of got a modern Rascal Flatts sound. Which is okay but lets not go sounding completely like them, they have a good sound to them right now in this album. I can’t wait to hear more from them, lets hope they come out with more music soon



Remember Me- Sage The Gemini

Sage The Gemini released his first album this week, titled Remember Me. The album is full of bangers, straight banger album. There is no variety of different style beats, even when they do try to slow it down a bit the beat just sounds way too similar to the rest of the songs on the album. Sage should have more producers work with him, if he could also maybe rap over different beats. For me there are only a few songs I can say are my favorite off this album. For me my favorite songs off this album are Red Nose, Gas Pedal, and Remember Me.

Red Nose is nothing but a banger, with a good beat. Lyrics are pretty good, nothing fantastic or exceptional.

Gas pedal another Single from the album that was a huge success, again another banger. It was different from Red nose had great feel with the beat. Paired with Sage’s voice it went great, I really like sage’s flow on beats like these.

Remember Me is cool because it showing all those who turned him down that he is on right now. His lyrics are actually really good in this song, it’s a step up from his usual lyrics but it isn’t a huge step up.

The album itself is all right, not a lot of change through the songs; you could put it on and not see much a difference in the beats. I like Sage but wish he tried to put some more variety in his beats and lyrics. I mean I came into this album expecting more from him on his first album. Its looking like I have to assume now that he is just not that type of rapper to get introspective or stray away from club bangers. Sage is a good rapper, which makes this review hard for me to write. I just expected more from him. You are not missing much if you don’t get this album, I would just stick to those three songs or just the singles he has released.


Super Model – Foster The People

Foster The People released their newest album this past Tuesday. It is their second studio release, so their sophomore album. The album is a tad bit different from the first, where the first had a lot of poppy radio hits. This one I feel didn’t have quite the same amount. Out of the three singles they released two have made it to my favorite list off this album. This album is good just different, not over the top amazing but good. A good sophomore album for them. There isn’t a sophomore slump at all with this album. My favorite songs off the album are Best Friend, Coming of Age, Fire Escape, and A Beginners Guide To Destroying The Moon.

Best Friend is an upbeat fun track, a song that gets stuck in your head easily. It has a nice flow to it; it reminds me of a song that could be on Torches. But it sticks out to me because of the beat and just sounds like a fun track that’s easy to belt out in the car.

Coming of Age, the track is a great radio song but not the one I would have chooses to be a single from the album. Its still a good song, it will have you singing along with it. Yet again because its so catchy as the first one. I enjoyed the intro to the album but I feel like I have heard it somewhere before. But regardless of that I enjoyed this song a lot. I just like this song as a whole all together.

Fire Escape is a slow acoustic song, which is nice to hear from foster the people. They sing it so well and I’m sure a lot of people like myself love acoustic songs. I wish that more of the album had more acoustic stuff like this one. It just had a good vibe too it and I instantly loved it a lot.

A Beginner’s Guide To Destroying The Moon. Just the name of the title of the song is great! At first when it started I thought I had accidentally put A$AP Rocky’s song LVL on this playlist. Simply both intros start the same, minus A$AP Rocky saying uh in the beginning. I think I like the beat more than I like the lyrical content of the song.

All in all the album is a great album. If you enjoy Foster the people you will love this album. It doesn’t disappoint. Its a must buy album that’s for sure. Each track is unique in its own way and I love it and should be a success like their first album. I have been waiting for Foster the people to release this album for a while just as I have been waiting for Minus The Bear to release a new album for 2014. I really loved Torches though so this is a nice transition and I can’t wait to hear more from Foster The People. If someone is looking to listen to Foster The People for the first time I wouldn’t suggest this album though. I would send the to their first one Torches. Also can’t wait to see them at Coachella this year.


Happiness Is – Taking Back Sunday

Taking Back Sunday released their sixth studio album, and wow. This album is great, it sounds like the old taking back sunday. TBS fans should rejoice and buy this album ASAP, it feels like it would fit perfectly right after their second album Where You Want To Be. I can hear hints of their old style in songs such as Flicker Fade, Nothing At All, and Better Homes And Gardens. I loved this album, my favorite songs are Flicker Fade, Better Homes And Gardens, Stood and Chance, and All The Way.

Flicker Fade it just has that signature TBS sound to it, all though Fred isn’t part of the band you don’t feel his absence. Its a good opening song to start the album with that has lyrics, it gives you that notion that the old TBS has returned.

Better Homes and Gardens is one of the new sounding TBS songs. But the new sounding TBS isn’t a bad thing, they are matured and their newer sounds just as amazing as their younger angsty selfves. It’s lyrical content is more mature in this song. But the one thing about this is that it could have fit in as a bonus track on their second album “Where you want to be”, i could stretch to say it could have been on louder now too.

Stood a chance is a great song, again a new feel for TBS. The song doesn’t have that old feeling but it has a good view on with the direction are they are headed with their music. It has a catchy chorus that is always good to have, it isn’t a bad track its a good song that is just catchy.

All The Way is a slower song, its nice emotional track. But it delivers the usual TBS guitar rift towards the end, and into the chorus. Its another combo of their new style mixed with their old style which is great and i absolutely love.

Happiness is , Is an amazing Taking Back Sunday Album. Full of new and old songs and a combantion of both. I can put this on and be instantly taken back to when i first listened to Taking Back Sunday in middle school. I wish more bands would do what Taking Back Sunday has done. Where they take their old style and mix it with their newer stuff, while keeping some old tracks on the album as well too. The Used, and MCR, Blink182 ( maybe) could learn from what Taking Back Sunday has done here. A Job well done, TBS fans this is a must buy album.


My Krazy Life – YG

YG finally released an album, the album titled My Krazy Life. Replacing the C with a K as he refuses too, because as he claims to be a blood. As you can see with titles as Bompton and Bickin Back Bool. The album is a step up from his mixtapes; it’s definitely better than that Young Money album. But that isn’t saying much ether; the album is pure ratchet music, and bangers and some weak songs. His lyrics are repetitive; his beats are amazing always though. Don’t get me wrong there are some really good songs on here, but the bad ones out weigh the good ones sadly. My favorite songs off the album is Me & My Bitch Feat: Tory Lanez, Left Right, Do it To Ya, Who Do you love Feat: Drake, and I Just Wanna Party. Feat: Schoolboy Q & Jay Rock.

Me & My Bitch is a slow jam kind of beat for YG and the ladies, really good beat. It’s nice and smooth and YG flows nicely on this track paired with Tory Lanez. Tory Lanez does an amazing job with the chorus.

Left, Right is a straight banger and a ratchet song, really repetitive song. It’s a good song for a Friday or Saturday night, or even for the club. Its has a nice beat by Dj Mustard who makes hit singles like no other. DJ Mustard did a great job making a hit single for YG.

Do It To Ya is nice little slow jam again with Tee Flii who I have never heard of but works well too with YG, I enjoyed it as well. The song had my head nodding, the beat was nice I enjoyed the piano in the back was a nice change up for YG.

Who Do You love Feat Drake is most likely my top favorite song off the album. It has the Drake everyone wants to hear. The Drake that RAPS! It’s a rare sight, but it’s found here. He delivers a great verse. The song has a good beat for YG, who raps about the typical money and guns. Talking about shit I can’t afford. It’s still a good song.

I Just Wanna Party Feat: Schoolboy Q and Jay Rock is a good song. It stands out because it paints a picture where YG doesn’t want to deal with the chaos he’s surrounded with in the hood. All YG wants to do is party not deal with all that other stuff that’s going on. We have Schoolboy Q representing the southern section of Figueroa Street. Schoolboy Q’s verse was really good. Schoolboy Q has been killing verse since his album dropped. Hope he can keep it up. Next we have the Real G Jay Rock representing Watts, Jay Rock straight killed this track. I wish we heard more from Jay Rock he delivers exceptional features, as well as his last album was really good and under appreciated.

The album is a decent album I could do with out most of the songs. YG has strength on Bangers and ratchet music. His weakness is lack of variety of material, as well as his lyrical content isn’t the strongest. He need to develop more material because most of its repetitive and gets old quick. It’s a decent album if you have no other Hip/hop music and you already got the new Rick Ross album then check this out. It is not a must buy album.


Rise of an Empire – Young Money

Young Money has released their compilation past Tuesday, With no real hit singles like their last compilation album. It kind of surprised me when it was released and showed up on Spotify new release page. It appears most of the tracks have lil twist on it, which is great but would have liked to see less of him. It looks like Young Money is really trying to push Euro and Lil twist for 2014. Euro isn’t that impressive to me, he is a good rapper but nothing over the top amazing. As well as Lil Twist, his voice bothers me quite a bit but he also is a good rapper. He is no Lil Chuckie who wasn’t featured on this compilation. The compilation itself is an all right album; there are some good songs as well as some awful songs with horrible beats. This album is not a must buy album though, so you can just pick and choose the songs if you wish. My favorite songs off this compilation album is Trophies, We all right, Moment, Senile, One time, Fresher than ever, and Introduction speech. The Rest of the songs just trash them don’t even bother to listen to them.

Trophies by Drake, which is the drake, I love to hear from. Not the emotionally singing artist, but this is the drake that raps like a champ. The beat is amazing just makes you want to bump it and party. It’s my absolute favorite song off the album.

We all right is a good song I only listed it because Lil Wayne is on it. Lil Wayne actually does a good job on it, even though it is full puns and the normal Wayne lyrics. I’ve come to accept that’s how lil Wayne is. Birdman offered a weak verse along with tagging the track with his voice, which he shouldn’t do at all.

Moment caught my ear when I heard it because it was another good track from lil Wayne that is very rare these days. He needs to spit more like this on his albums like he did on Senile. I hope he continues with these kinds of verses and songs.

Senile is an all-together great track everyone on it snapped on it. I had no complaints with this song it was really good, Tyga, Nicki, and Lil Wayne did a great job on this track and I was thoroughly impressed.

One time had a great beat, as well as Tyga opening up the song was great loved his verse. hated lil twists verse on this track so lets just fast forward his verse. YG’s verse was alright, didn’t think YG was signed to Young money. It’s definitely a track YG does good on, just cause the beat goes good with his voice.

Fresher than ever is a good song Full of great feature artist besides Gudda Gudda. I say feature artist because I wouldn’t buy a Jae Millz album, or Mack Mane, Birdman, or flow album. But they all sound nice on a track together minus Birdman. I love Gudda Gudda’s verse, he is very under appreciated and should be pushed more to put out an album than any of these new artists like lil twist and Euro. Jae Millz did a good verse which I haven’t heard from in forever same with Mack mane. Mack mane and Jae Millz always seem to deliver a good feature verse. Flow this new artist who I never even heard have may have some potential.Only time will tell, lets see if he can make it with YMCMB.

Introduction Speech by euro I choose because it was pretty good and dope to hear how he came to young money. Also the beat is nice, fits well with his smooth flow, I enjoyed it, it kind of went on longer than it should I feel though.

The album as a whole is still just all right; a lot of the beats have the same beat almost just skewed a bit. I feel like some of the songs could have had better people singing chorus’s than the artist then the person rapping such as lil twist, and lil Wayne’s songs they should have put nicki singing more chorus’s and Shanel or Christina Millian singing chorus’s. If you want to get the album I suggest just giving it a listen to the songs that I mentioned and get those.


Spring Break 6… Like We Ain’t Ever. – Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan released a spring break mini album or Ep on the 7th of March. I didn’t know till about 3 days before so I was super stoked that it was close. It’s a great country spring break album, each song I think fits perfectly for that spring break feeling he was trying to capture. The only song I do not like is The Sand That I Brought To The Beach. I just was not feeling it at all; I think Luke could have gone with a better song than that personally. But each song I love its hard to pick the favorites when its such an short album. Though I have been listening to Night One and Good Look’n Girl a lot more than the others. Both are little love country love songs. Plus I love all the songs this is a definitely a must buy for country lovers and for spring break lovers. Great job by Luke Bryan, now give me a full album!


G I R L – Pharell Williams

Pharrell Williams released his Lp G I R L. It does not disappoint at all, despite hearing happy every place I went I was glad to see it on the Lp. The Lp is a small album that delivers amazing music to the masses. I can’t see why anyone would not like this Lp, there is only two complaints that I have and that it’s too short and would love to see some rappers with him on a track. I think each song on here is just so perfectly woven together to follow the next; each song is so upbeat in its own way. It’s a real happy poppy album, usually poppy albums just go by me and I could careless about some of the songs. Unlike others Pharrell has a way to make you love almost any track he is on. My favorite tracks off the Ep are Brand New featuring Justin Timberlake, Marilyn Monroe, Gush, and Hunter.

Brand New is jut so upbeat you won’t stop bobbing your head to the music, and singing along with it. The lyrics are infectious as well, I found myself around the first time around hearing it already belting out the lyrics.

Marilyn Monroe the intro for it is brilliant and perfect way to start the album; it prepares you for what you are about to hear.

Gush I have no idea why I like this song I just do, it caught my ear, along with the title, its funky almost. It fits well with the other songs on the track, it might not be as upbeat but it still goes quite well with the rest.

Hunter also a little funky, it kind of reminded me of blurred lines, it has that same feel and the same kind of lyrics. To be honest I’m surprised no one is protesting the lyrics of the song yet. Soon in time I guess. All in all this is a fantastic album a must buy or a must listen on spotify. Hopefully we can get a full album out of Pharrell this year too, lets keep our fingers crossed.


Oxymoron – Schoolboy Q

Schoolboy Q released his Oxymoron album this last Monday. I had high expectations for this album but it seemed it had been way overhyped. The album is alright, its not great like everyone was saying it was going to be. The best songs on the album were the singles he released well most of the good songs. The only good songs on the album are Collard Greens, Man of the year, and Los Awesome, Studio.

Collard Greens Feat: Kendrick Lamar- This song has a great beat, I love the way Q’s voice goes with this beat, his flow on the beat is consistent and on point. Kendrick fires on the track as well and proves to be a great feature, giving us some new K-dot. My favorite parts of this track is the chorus, beat, and K-dot’s verse.

Man Of The Year- I fell in love with this beat as soon as it hit my ear drums. It just flows so well and gets your head moving every time it plays. It just makes for a fantastic party song or club song. Q rips on the track, he makes it a point that he is the man of the year. It’s just my favorite song off the whole album.

Los Awesome- This song was dope in my opinion why I picked this one out of the rest, is cause it sounds like something Pharrell would produce. It just sounds good and has a great beat, the lyrics are get as well.

Studio- Is a slow beat for the ladies, every album has got to have a slow song for the ladies. Every rap or hip-hop album that has come out recently has that one song on the album for the ladies. It’s a good song nice fit with the album; the slow beat is great and smooth. Kidd Kidd does a great job but I think trey songz would have been a better fit or even the weekend. But all and all it’s a good song.

The rest of the songs are just all right they didn’t jump out at me like these few songs did. It sucks when albums get overhyped like this; it just ruins the album for people and people who love the artist. I am a big fan of Schoolboy Q ever since I heard him on Brand New with A$AP Rocky. I have followed him ever since, and he has been on my radar too ever since. He is a great artist is one of the stronger artist on TDE. TDE is taking over 2014; this album is a good album not overly the top amazing. It’s worth it to download or buy though.


Cole Swindell- Cole Swindell

Another country review, This one from a new country singer by the name of Cole Swindell. The album named after himself guess he couldn’t think of a title. Anyhow the 12 track country album actually surprised me, i liked about 80% of the album which isn’t the case for me for country albums. My least two favorite songs are Dozen roses and a six pack, and The Back Roads & The Back Row. they lyrics and the beat just don’t do it for me, its just a country feel that i do not like at all. The rest of the album is great my 3 favorite songs are Chillin’it, Let Me See Ya Girl, and Down Home Boys. Not to say that the other songs are bad, just these are the key songs i think anyone would like even if you weren’t that big of a county fan. If you are not that big of a country fan you will most likely get one of these songs stuck in your head, which isn’t so bad! Its a good album all in all, any country fan would like it. I hope Cole makes another good album like this and doesn’t fall into the sophomore slump, only time can tell!