True- Avicii

Avicii finally released his brand new album True. I am for one absolutely a huge fan of this album. Its much better than Kaskades new album, which I’m completely, disappointed in cause I love each of Kaskades music. Avicii’s First song “Wake Me Up” is the perfect mix of country. The songs backbeat is great and what that bass comes in with that rodeo round up feel is great. ” You make me” is another good song it does have that club song feel to it. His song ” Hey brother” again country mix, which isn’t as good as “Wake me up” but still a pretty good song. Avicii has done a great job adding a good mix of country into his songs. His song ” addicted to you” has a great powerful voice, and has a catchy beat to it. I love the soulfulness of the voice. His song “Dear Boy” the singers voice kind of reminds me of a song from the 1950’s. Also a very upbeat beat has great rhythm. All and all I could go through each song but each song is unique and very well put together. He does end the album with a great track called “All You Need Is Love”. Its a great song the beat is great with a poppy feel to it which is fine and I enjoy. My personal favorites are ” Wake Me Up”, Shame On Me, “Addicted To You”, “Liar Liar”, and “All You Need Is Love”. If you like Avicii you will enjoy this album!! If you are on the fence on whether you should buy it or not, just buy it cause its great in my opinion.



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