Because Of The Internet – Childish Gambino

Childish Gambino released his sophomore album a few days ago. Its pretty long its 19 tracks, 18 if you don’t include the intro. The way the album is set up is like a play or movie as you can see when you look at the track listing. I believe I read somewhere he wrote the album to be a soundtrack with a movie or mini series he was producing. Its raw and origina,l the album to me is like putting Yeezus and Channel Orange together. The result is “Because the Internet.” I personally think this a big step for Gambino; he goes along with the beats instead of jumping write on them. His first album Camp was all right but it did need a lot of work. He has showed a lot of improvement with this album beats, lyrics, and flow. The whole album shows us a more emotional side of Bino. It isn’t so one sided, it leads you down different paths and you can interpret the album and its songs in many different ways. Now my favorite part, my favorite songs off the album!

– III.Telegraph ave (“Oakland”)- My favorite song off the album, its set up as Bino getting in his car singing along and rapping to the song that’s playing on the radio in his car. The beat is great, and his voice sounds amazing alongside the beat. His flow with the beat as well goes great, it just makes you want to sing it out loud and shake your head to the beat.

– V. 3005 – Gambino singing alongside the beat again, with a great beat by the way. Full of punch lines and one-liners it’s a great track that to me stands out among the rest.

– I. Flight of the navigator- slow medley that to me for some reason reminds me of spring. But it has bino crooning on the track. Its nice guitar medley that is good love song that bino has put together.

– I. Pink toes (Jhene Aiko)- Love that they did another song together; they are a perfect balance on a track. It’s a nice and smooth track. Also jhene’s feathery voice goes along great with the beat as always!

– II. WORLDSTAR – A really sick beat no other way to explain it. It easily gets stuck in your head, favorite line “So Fresh Prince they bout to bring the show back!” Bino goes off on the track too like he’s beaten down someone on WorldStar.

All in all it’s a Great album; it’s a huge step up from Camp. He has shown a lot of growth as an artist and is what I like to see in an artist. It seems though people ether love or hate childish Gambino, ether way its worth a listen or two or three!



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