Cole Swindell- Cole Swindell

Another country review, This one from a new country singer by the name of Cole Swindell. The album named after himself guess he couldn’t think of a title. Anyhow the 12 track country album actually surprised me, i liked about 80% of the album which isn’t the case for me for country albums. My least two favorite songs are Dozen roses and a six pack, and The Back Roads & The Back Row. they lyrics and the beat just don’t do it for me, its just a country feel that i do not like at all. The rest of the album is great my 3 favorite songs are Chillin’it, Let Me See Ya Girl, and Down Home Boys. Not to say that the other songs are bad, just these are the key songs i think anyone would like even if you weren’t that big of a county fan. If you are not that big of a country fan you will most likely get one of these songs stuck in your head, which isn’t so bad! Its a good album all in all, any country fan would like it. I hope Cole makes another good album like this and doesn’t fall into the sophomore slump, only time can tell!



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