From Here To Now To You- Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson Releases another album yesterday, ” From Here To Now To You”. It’s a pretty good defiantly better than he last album. It’s got the feeling of his first albums, not as much though. His first song “I Got You” is a nice refreshing beginning to the album, then brings you into another track “Washing dishes” again nice little melody to listen to. Each song is just a little ballad of something uplifting or a story he has to tell. His whole album is pretty good, just all of it seem to sound a little similar not a lot of variety in the album. Not like his first albums that were amazing though, this album doesn’t quite have the beachy feel you would expect from a jack Johnson album. It feels more like country/ folk to me I don’t know why. There are a few good tracks on the album such as “I got you “, ” Tape Deck “, and ” Home”. All in all it’s a pretty good album, if your looking for an easy soft acoustic album to listen to then this is the album for you. Its closer to the old Jack than his last few albums. Hopefully he will get back that style and produce more songs like that.



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