G I R L – Pharell Williams

Pharrell Williams released his Lp G I R L. It does not disappoint at all, despite hearing happy every place I went I was glad to see it on the Lp. The Lp is a small album that delivers amazing music to the masses. I can’t see why anyone would not like this Lp, there is only two complaints that I have and that it’s too short and would love to see some rappers with him on a track. I think each song on here is just so perfectly woven together to follow the next; each song is so upbeat in its own way. It’s a real happy poppy album, usually poppy albums just go by me and I could careless about some of the songs. Unlike others Pharrell has a way to make you love almost any track he is on. My favorite tracks off the Ep are Brand New featuring Justin Timberlake, Marilyn Monroe, Gush, and Hunter.

Brand New is jut so upbeat you won’t stop bobbing your head to the music, and singing along with it. The lyrics are infectious as well, I found myself around the first time around hearing it already belting out the lyrics.

Marilyn Monroe the intro for it is brilliant and perfect way to start the album; it prepares you for what you are about to hear.

Gush I have no idea why I like this song I just do, it caught my ear, along with the title, its funky almost. It fits well with the other songs on the track, it might not be as upbeat but it still goes quite well with the rest.

Hunter also a little funky, it kind of reminded me of blurred lines, it has that same feel and the same kind of lyrics. To be honest I’m surprised no one is protesting the lyrics of the song yet. Soon in time I guess. All in all this is a fantastic album a must buy or a must listen on spotify. Hopefully we can get a full album out of Pharrell this year too, lets keep our fingers crossed.



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