Happiness Is – Taking Back Sunday

Taking Back Sunday released their sixth studio album, and wow. This album is great, it sounds like the old taking back sunday. TBS fans should rejoice and buy this album ASAP, it feels like it would fit perfectly right after their second album Where You Want To Be. I can hear hints of their old style in songs such as Flicker Fade, Nothing At All, and Better Homes And Gardens. I loved this album, my favorite songs are Flicker Fade, Better Homes And Gardens, Stood and Chance, and All The Way.

Flicker Fade it just has that signature TBS sound to it, all though Fred isn’t part of the band you don’t feel his absence. Its a good opening song to start the album with that has lyrics, it gives you that notion that the old TBS has returned.

Better Homes and Gardens is one of the new sounding TBS songs. But the new sounding TBS isn’t a bad thing, they are matured and their newer sounds just as amazing as their younger angsty selfves. It’s lyrical content is more mature in this song. But the one thing about this is that it could have fit in as a bonus track on their second album “Where you want to be”, i could stretch to say it could have been on louder now too.

Stood a chance is a great song, again a new feel for TBS. The song doesn’t have that old feeling but it has a good view on with the direction are they are headed with their music. It has a catchy chorus that is always good to have, it isn’t a bad track its a good song that is just catchy.

All The Way is a slower song, its nice emotional track. But it delivers the usual TBS guitar rift towards the end, and into the chorus. Its another combo of their new style mixed with their old style which is great and i absolutely love.

Happiness is , Is an amazing Taking Back Sunday Album. Full of new and old songs and a combantion of both. I can put this on and be instantly taken back to when i first listened to Taking Back Sunday in middle school. I wish more bands would do what Taking Back Sunday has done. Where they take their old style and mix it with their newer stuff, while keeping some old tracks on the album as well too. The Used, and MCR, Blink182 ( maybe) could learn from what Taking Back Sunday has done here. A Job well done, TBS fans this is a must buy album.



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