Kid CuDi Presents Satellite Flight: Journey to the Mother Moon

Kid CuDi pulled a Beyoncé with this Ep to most people. But if you have been following his twitter updates it wasn’t that big of a surprise. He originally posted a few tweets that he would be dropping an Ep then he re-tweeted he made it an album. Here’s the catch though, the actual physical album won’t be in stores till April 29th it seems with 4 new recorded songs. This Ep Satellite flight is just a bridge from Indicudi to Man on the Moon three (MOTMIII). It’s a smooth transition into the next MOTM in my opinion. CuDi explains in a few interviews that it would be transition into MOTMIII. He wants it to pick up where he left on Indicudi. He mentions it’s like a TV show that leaves off on a cliffhanger, in away Indicudi did with the last track where it sounds as a spaceship is taking flight.

Satellite Flight the album begins with Destination: Mother Moon the intro is smooth and prepares you for the journey you’re about to experience. There is at least 6 songs that are actually full songs that have lyrics, the rest are just instrumentals perfectly placed in between. The last song troubled boy is a good song and leaves you wanting more especially when he places a sample from MOTM I in there then ending it with him saying “goodbye…” My favorite track though is “Too bad I have to destroy you now” this track the beat is so great and gets your head moving to the beat. CuDi spits his lyrics so nicely on this it reminds me of his flow on MOTMI and MOTMII.

The whole Ep as is amazing though, CuDi claims its one of his bests works. In my opinion MOTMI is his best work, but every song hear has got feeling and emotion put into it.

Going to the ceremony is a WZRD produced track that fit in perfectly with this album, has a nice guitar riff and doesn’t sound horrible. I hated WZRD but if every song on WZRD was as good as this one then i would i have loved it. It helps establish like the intro track what you are in for. Then the title track Satellite Flight begins and it already has that old CuDi feel. He continues to pull you in with a great beat that i assume is made by the same producer who was on MOTMI.

Balmain jeans Feat: Raphael Saadiq is a feel good track, where he gets a little slow and starts to sing about a female. Full of ineuendos in my opinion. Hard to deny with lines like ” can i come into your vortex”, you aint fooling me cudi! but its a great track.

Internal bleeding is a emo track for cudi, crazy right? Seriously though its a decent song, he mumbles too much in the song for me. Still a good track just not as good as the rest, but good none the less. The songs i didn’t mention including the first track are just instrumentals that if you listen to the whole album in order fit in well.

Kid CuDi took hip/hop and made his own genre where he is placed, and for people like him to try new things with music. People are saying CuDi back but in reality he never left, he just grew up and evolved and matured like every artist does with their music. If he didn’t do that his albums would be pretty boring and not interesting.
[Update: Reviewing the next 4 songs on April 29th]



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