Kiss Land- The Weeknd

Listening to Kiss land the first 4 tracks tend to bleed into one another, which isn’t necessarily a bad
thing. But I felt my self-zoning out. The Weekend does a great job of keeping his style since he has
come up. A “Belong to the world” track wakes you up from the lull of the first 4 songs. With a thudding beat his voice picks up. Live for feat his buddy drake, which is always great pair. The complement each other nicely on the track. Wanderlust and the title track Kiss Land are my personal favorites. The beats are great and outstanding they make both tracks more enticing. Plus Kiss Land track does that thing I see drake do and incubus where they change up the beat half way through the song and make it feel asif it was two songs. As if the track finished and it was on to the next. But in reality its one long song which is good because as the beat changes the lyrics change. The track “Pretty” is well I like the lyrics and all but the girl in the back in the beginning was a little annoying. and I didn’t like the ending it had on it, it could have done with out that guy talking at the end. The last song Tears in the rain is a great way to end the album, the beginning of the track kind of threw me off but it summed up nicely. The beats are great on the album not all are good but the ones that really stood out for me was Wanderlust, Belong to the World, and Kiss Land. Overall the entire whole album is another outstanding project from The Weeknd. The Weeknd did set the bar pretty high with the tribology album of his mix tapes. It’s not an instant classic like House of Balloons but it’s a great album for him. If you are a Weeknd fan you will enjoy this album.


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