Marshal Mathers Lp 2 – Eminem

Let me first state this before reviewing this album. This album although titled the Marshal Mathers LP 2, is NOT a SEQUEL to the first album. Eminem said in a recent interview that it’s just a revisit to his mindset. there’s the link to the interview. But I believe this album lives up to the title of MMLP. There seems to be a lot of hate on this album, but many people forget that its easier to hate people especially hate Eminem. Also people tend to some of slims lyrics way to serious.

Bad Guy- It took me awhile to understand whom he is talking too, until a friend pointed it out to me. At first I thought it was Em addressing his alter ego slim shady. But that wasn’t the case it was Stan’s little brother from the first MMLP talking to Em. But it is a nice follow up to Stan. I wonder how he would go about making a Stan part II. But he did a well-done job capturing that feel of what a follow would be. I also love after the Stan part II is over he adds a well-defined verse.

Parking lot skit- always has to have one of Slims skit on an album

Rhyme and reason- One of my personal favorites, the sample is perfect. The way he works his way into this old song by the zombie’s 1968 song time of the season is great and creative. His lyrical content is on point as ever. His anger flows through when he discuses his father in this song, which is not a new thing for Mr. Mathers. Usually the hate is thrown at his mom, but he went the other way. He spits words at you like its nobodies business. It will get your head bobbin for sure.

So much better – declares to whomever he is talking too that his life would be “so much better if they just drop dead.” If you are in the mood or mind state where you just hate everyone, defiantly crank this one up. If you just got dumped yeah I would see someone playing this. It might be aimed at Kim but hey who knows could be anyone. But its a decent song not my favorite, its not bad or anything but just wasn’t feeling this one as much.

Survival- Em has a knack to make songs that pump you up. This is for sure one of these songs, put this on your gym playlist your pump up playlist whatever it is. It will for sure make you want to go conquer something or achieve a goal. I can see many athletes playing this before their games. It’s a good radio hit as well, and radio hits are key to success for any album really. Em comes at you like an 18-wheeler on the mic. He leaves no constraints when it comes to the mic though.

Legacy- another favorite song, as he touches on being bullied. Something that is prevalent now these days, he continues to describe how some may feel in that situation and how he handles his own situation when it came to bullies. ” Head phones on look straight ahead if kids trying to start shit with me.” It gave me Goosebumps, why? You can picture Eminem develop from this little kid to what he has become and realize how far he has taken these feelings and words in his head and work it into his music. How he was able to reach out and relate to so many people.

Asshole- Touches on how people call him an asshole and how he will always be an asshole, but he is the one everyone loves to hate. As he says in the song that you draw attention to him when you complain about him being an asshole. Also mentions Asher Roth who dissed him, which I never knew but that’s a big mistake, you never really want to end up in one of Em’s lyrics especially in a bad way. He will ruin you. This track Rick Rubin produced its not my favorite but its still a good song for the album.

Berzerk- the first single that pays homage to the beastie boys. I love how he says lets bring it back to straight hip-hop. None of these rappers really aside from some few today are straight hip-hop. But this song is good song, what I have found with some people you ether love it or hate it. But I think its a good song for a single, its a poppy hit for the radio that everyone can nod to and sing along too. It’s a very simple Eminem song.

Rap god- As Eminem moves away from what all these rappers claim being the king of rap or what have you. Eminem steps away and as to almost say forget being king I’m a rap God. He spits rhyme so fast in this track it will have your head spinning and being like ” what did he just say? Hold on rewind that!” around 4:25 spits lyrics at literally super sonic speed. I couldn’t believe it but man then I saw the live version and was blown away seeing him actually rap it. All and all its a great song where he addresses the critics who claim his rap has gone pop because he is popular. Em makes sure he is known as a force you do not want to mess with.

Brainless- tells a violence filled story and spits that how his mom said he would be so dangerous if he had a brain. Explains how he would get jumped and such also how he wants to get out of the trailer parker, and how he is going to use the rhymes to make his way out of his hell. Also how he stood up and threw a first punch now messes with him. Addresses how now everyone wants a piece of him and looks at him now. Also how critics hate him call him a homophobe.

Stronger than I was- an uplifting song for those who are getting over a break up, or losing someone they lost. Believing they can still be strong even if there gone, that you can move on and be strong on your own. You won’t crumble and die and not go on, he states you can be stronger than you were. Its a slower song, but still a great song and perfectly done by Em.

The Monster- Pure Pop radio hit nothing but it straight radio hit. It is Em controlling the radio waves with 4 radio hits. Its a great song that will also have your head bobbin, its great full of puns and fast pace lyrics and a chorus that is able to get stuck your head and have you singing it all day long.

So far- brings out the nostalgic shady out full of more puns. With a dope country sample, which never have thought Eminem, could be able to spit on. More Nostalgia when he brings in the real slim shady sample in for a second then mentions someone put a kitten’s head in his mailbox sounds familiar? Also touches on how fame is and how really can’t go anywhere with out being bothered.

Love game- a funny track about a crazy broad who is as crazy as him. Him and Kendrick are amazing pair both lyrically on top of their game. Playful hilarious track for you to listen to. I read somewhere Em didn’t even know Kendrick was going to do a verse he thought he was just going to do the chorus. But turns out he did a verse and Em loved it, and who wouldn’t Kendrick is lyrical amazing. He is the best out here right now in the rap game best for a new rapper today. But anyway its great track that will have you listening and wondering what’s coming next. The beat is dope and lyrics again funny.

Headlights- A touching and a somewhat mature of Mr. Mathers where he apologizes to his mother (Debbie) for all the shit his has put her through and for putting her on blast. He apologizes for the track cleaning out his closest. He mentions how he wishes his kids knew their grandma. He in away says how could a father leave his kids and not want to know where they were. But he realized how hard it was for his mother to deal with the situation she was put into.

Evil Twin – The Final track on the Regular version of the album. He touches on he is out of people to call it out like ” backstreet boys and Nysnc”. Claiming how he has come up on his explicit lyrics how, also discusses his evil twin (probably Slim shady). Also who else is going to at now that he has been gone for a while from the rap scene. He continues with more puns in the song and continues to prove his lyrical mastery.

The deluxe version has 6 great songs that I truly enjoy my two personal favorites are Beautiful Pain and desperation.

But all in all the album lives up to the original although it isn’t extension it still is a another amazing album done by Mr. Mathers, slim shady, Eminem, Marshal Mathers, whatever you wanna call him. He lyrically outshines all the rappers out today. To say this album is not good would be an outrage, This is REAL rap, Eminem spits lyrics that aren’t just hey look at my car and all the money I have, oh and look at all these ladies and money I have. He is great artist and rapper. The Reviews I’ve seen are mostly negative, it’s easy to hate someone and what they put out it seems, the reviews focus on the negative. They take his lyrical content way to serious but no new is bad news really. Thank you Em for another great album though!

Oh also a little fact from In flex we trust “Eminem has more than enough to celebrate as he has officially set the record for solo act, a title that was held by the Beatles and has not been beaten since 1964, for his 4 hits landing on the Billboard Top 20 chart.” Yeah go ahead and say he sucks and didn’t make any good songs.



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