My Krazy Life – YG

YG finally released an album, the album titled My Krazy Life. Replacing the C with a K as he refuses too, because as he claims to be a blood. As you can see with titles as Bompton and Bickin Back Bool. The album is a step up from his mixtapes; it’s definitely better than that Young Money album. But that isn’t saying much ether; the album is pure ratchet music, and bangers and some weak songs. His lyrics are repetitive; his beats are amazing always though. Don’t get me wrong there are some really good songs on here, but the bad ones out weigh the good ones sadly. My favorite songs off the album is Me & My Bitch Feat: Tory Lanez, Left Right, Do it To Ya, Who Do you love Feat: Drake, and I Just Wanna Party. Feat: Schoolboy Q & Jay Rock.

Me & My Bitch is a slow jam kind of beat for YG and the ladies, really good beat. It’s nice and smooth and YG flows nicely on this track paired with Tory Lanez. Tory Lanez does an amazing job with the chorus.

Left, Right is a straight banger and a ratchet song, really repetitive song. It’s a good song for a Friday or Saturday night, or even for the club. Its has a nice beat by Dj Mustard who makes hit singles like no other. DJ Mustard did a great job making a hit single for YG.

Do It To Ya is nice little slow jam again with Tee Flii who I have never heard of but works well too with YG, I enjoyed it as well. The song had my head nodding, the beat was nice I enjoyed the piano in the back was a nice change up for YG.

Who Do You love Feat Drake is most likely my top favorite song off the album. It has the Drake everyone wants to hear. The Drake that RAPS! It’s a rare sight, but it’s found here. He delivers a great verse. The song has a good beat for YG, who raps about the typical money and guns. Talking about shit I can’t afford. It’s still a good song.

I Just Wanna Party Feat: Schoolboy Q and Jay Rock is a good song. It stands out because it paints a picture where YG doesn’t want to deal with the chaos he’s surrounded with in the hood. All YG wants to do is party not deal with all that other stuff that’s going on. We have Schoolboy Q representing the southern section of Figueroa Street. Schoolboy Q’s verse was really good. Schoolboy Q has been killing verse since his album dropped. Hope he can keep it up. Next we have the Real G Jay Rock representing Watts, Jay Rock straight killed this track. I wish we heard more from Jay Rock he delivers exceptional features, as well as his last album was really good and under appreciated.

The album is a decent album I could do with out most of the songs. YG has strength on Bangers and ratchet music. His weakness is lack of variety of material, as well as his lyrical content isn’t the strongest. He need to develop more material because most of its repetitive and gets old quick. It’s a decent album if you have no other Hip/hop music and you already got the new Rick Ross album then check this out. It is not a must buy album.



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