Nothing Was The Same – Drake

Drake released his highly anticipated Nothing was the same or NWTS. It is exactly what I want to hear from drake. The album has great songs on it a lot that actually make you think, from time and Too much come to mind. Of course we have the emotional drake songs as well. We have to have those from drake, that’s what made him big. Also has some bangers on the album such All me, worst behavior, the language, and pound cake/ Paris Morton music II. This album is pretty different from Take care. It’s a little slower than Take care.

The first song is very cocky rapping over a 6 min intro track. Drake proves why he is the Leader of the new school. The beat switches up around 2:00 min, and starts to spill into some personal stuff.

Furthest thing is a pretty good track, discussing his relations with another girl. In the usual drake fashion over a slow beat.

Started from the bottom the hit repetitive single coming in at the 3rd spot. This is drake’s own rag to riches anthem. This is a defiant song you can just ride around and bump with your friends.

The track Wu-tang forever, as most of us thought was going to be a tribute to wu-tang clan. Think again, drake spin it around and made it about a sex, and a semi jab at Chris brown. ” I just like the rush when you see your enemy somewhere in the club And you realize he just not in a position to reciprocate your energy. You ain’t ever worried cause he’s not who he pretends to be”. Easily to be said at bout Chris brown and some of drakes haters

Own it making its transition from wu-tang forever, this emotional track claiming ” next time we fuck, I don’t wanna fuck I wanna make love. Next time we talk I don’t want to just talk I want to trust.” oh drizzy drake you and your soft side haha.

Worst Behavior brings out the So far gone rapping drake, coming in with a tough voice. As he raps of a great beat, making this a nice club banger and song to just party to.

One of my personal favorites of the album is his song with Jhene Aiko called “From time”. This song definitely makes you think, which I love in songs and drake knows how to do that. Discussing his past romances with ex’s of his. Talking about finally talking with his pops and talks about how him and his mom need to hash it out and talk.

Hold on we’re going home is one of those songs you play at weddings. It’s what drake was shooting for. He aimed and got it; this is definitely one of those songs you could play at weddings. The soft singing of a group called Majid Jordan sings on the beat. Drake claims this group will be big, we will have to wait and see.

Connect you can hear Trae the truth’s swang in the background, no surprise there. With all his talk about Houston. Drake talks about letting the girl do whatever she wants he would allow her. Waiting for her ” same city, same friends if your looking for me”. Another club banger the language has drake coming on some cocky rap. ” I am the kid with the motor mouth, I am the one you should worry about. ” Arrogantly tells us how far he has come and where he is in the rap game at the moment.

305 to my city, well detail is on the track…. lets just say this is my least favorite track on the album. I think it’s the worst track on the album, nice try on this drake. Drake raps about a stripper, and her hustle while reppin his city. Talks about the stripper’s life style.

Too much another favorite of mine with Sampha singing the intro and chorus. This is the ” look what you’ve done” track of the album. I love this song as he talks about things that are on his mind. The second verse is straight from his head no writing anything, as he claims in a recent interview. He said his mom was upset with the fact he put her and his uncle on blast like that. But she’s fine now.

The Last song on the regular album Pound Cake/ Paris Morton Music II begins with a soft amazing beat. Drake raps with confidence on this track with lines like “You know it’s real when you are who you think you are ” and ” thinking’ back on how they treated me My high school reunion might be worth an appearance Make everybody have to go through security clearance Tables turn, bridges burn, you live and learn “. Jay-z kills the track for a second with his verse on the first half of the song. It then fades into Paris Morton Music II as drake kills the last song on the regular album.
Deluxe version songs

Come thru another song about a girl telling her to get her ass over to him. About another girl he hasn’t seen awhile where they can revisit where they left off. Its a great song worth the buy, talks about he needs her back in his life.

All me is just a great song a club banger with 2Chainz and Big Sean on the track you already know its going to be hot. Each verse is great but Big Sean murders that track no question. No depth in this tracks just a pure club banger.

All in all this album is different than Take care and in a great way. It has few features, which is always good; I think drake is slowly stepping up his game. He is still the soft rapper or the singing rapper. But hey that works for him and look he still making a ton of money. He knows what to capitalize on; he makes it work for him. NWTS is an album you should download or buy, or even just give it a listen on spotify.



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