Oxymoron – Schoolboy Q

Schoolboy Q released his Oxymoron album this last Monday. I had high expectations for this album but it seemed it had been way overhyped. The album is alright, its not great like everyone was saying it was going to be. The best songs on the album were the singles he released well most of the good songs. The only good songs on the album are Collard Greens, Man of the year, and Los Awesome, Studio.

Collard Greens Feat: Kendrick Lamar- This song has a great beat, I love the way Q’s voice goes with this beat, his flow on the beat is consistent and on point. Kendrick fires on the track as well and proves to be a great feature, giving us some new K-dot. My favorite parts of this track is the chorus, beat, and K-dot’s verse.

Man Of The Year- I fell in love with this beat as soon as it hit my ear drums. It just flows so well and gets your head moving every time it plays. It just makes for a fantastic party song or club song. Q rips on the track, he makes it a point that he is the man of the year. It’s just my favorite song off the whole album.

Los Awesome- This song was dope in my opinion why I picked this one out of the rest, is cause it sounds like something Pharrell would produce. It just sounds good and has a great beat, the lyrics are get as well.

Studio- Is a slow beat for the ladies, every album has got to have a slow song for the ladies. Every rap or hip-hop album that has come out recently has that one song on the album for the ladies. It’s a good song nice fit with the album; the slow beat is great and smooth. Kidd Kidd does a great job but I think trey songz would have been a better fit or even the weekend. But all and all it’s a good song.

The rest of the songs are just all right they didn’t jump out at me like these few songs did. It sucks when albums get overhyped like this; it just ruins the album for people and people who love the artist. I am a big fan of Schoolboy Q ever since I heard him on Brand New with A$AP Rocky. I have followed him ever since, and he has been on my radar too ever since. He is a great artist is one of the stronger artist on TDE. TDE is taking over 2014; this album is a good album not overly the top amazing. It’s worth it to download or buy though.



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