Rise of an Empire – Young Money

Young Money has released their compilation past Tuesday, With no real hit singles like their last compilation album. It kind of surprised me when it was released and showed up on Spotify new release page. It appears most of the tracks have lil twist on it, which is great but would have liked to see less of him. It looks like Young Money is really trying to push Euro and Lil twist for 2014. Euro isn’t that impressive to me, he is a good rapper but nothing over the top amazing. As well as Lil Twist, his voice bothers me quite a bit but he also is a good rapper. He is no Lil Chuckie who wasn’t featured on this compilation. The compilation itself is an all right album; there are some good songs as well as some awful songs with horrible beats. This album is not a must buy album though, so you can just pick and choose the songs if you wish. My favorite songs off this compilation album is Trophies, We all right, Moment, Senile, One time, Fresher than ever, and Introduction speech. The Rest of the songs just trash them don’t even bother to listen to them.

Trophies by Drake, which is the drake, I love to hear from. Not the emotionally singing artist, but this is the drake that raps like a champ. The beat is amazing just makes you want to bump it and party. It’s my absolute favorite song off the album.

We all right is a good song I only listed it because Lil Wayne is on it. Lil Wayne actually does a good job on it, even though it is full puns and the normal Wayne lyrics. I’ve come to accept that’s how lil Wayne is. Birdman offered a weak verse along with tagging the track with his voice, which he shouldn’t do at all.

Moment caught my ear when I heard it because it was another good track from lil Wayne that is very rare these days. He needs to spit more like this on his albums like he did on Senile. I hope he continues with these kinds of verses and songs.

Senile is an all-together great track everyone on it snapped on it. I had no complaints with this song it was really good, Tyga, Nicki, and Lil Wayne did a great job on this track and I was thoroughly impressed.

One time had a great beat, as well as Tyga opening up the song was great loved his verse. hated lil twists verse on this track so lets just fast forward his verse. YG’s verse was alright, didn’t think YG was signed to Young money. It’s definitely a track YG does good on, just cause the beat goes good with his voice.

Fresher than ever is a good song Full of great feature artist besides Gudda Gudda. I say feature artist because I wouldn’t buy a Jae Millz album, or Mack Mane, Birdman, or flow album. But they all sound nice on a track together minus Birdman. I love Gudda Gudda’s verse, he is very under appreciated and should be pushed more to put out an album than any of these new artists like lil twist and Euro. Jae Millz did a good verse which I haven’t heard from in forever same with Mack mane. Mack mane and Jae Millz always seem to deliver a good feature verse. Flow this new artist who I never even heard have may have some potential.Only time will tell, lets see if he can make it with YMCMB.

Introduction Speech by euro I choose because it was pretty good and dope to hear how he came to young money. Also the beat is nice, fits well with his smooth flow, I enjoyed it, it kind of went on longer than it should I feel though.

The album as a whole is still just all right; a lot of the beats have the same beat almost just skewed a bit. I feel like some of the songs could have had better people singing chorus’s than the artist then the person rapping such as lil twist, and lil Wayne’s songs they should have put nicki singing more chorus’s and Shanel or Christina Millian singing chorus’s. If you want to get the album I suggest just giving it a listen to the songs that I mentioned and get those.



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