Sail Out Ep – Jhene Aiko

I have been waiting for this album or Ep whatever you want to call it, for a long time. Jhene Akiko has such a beautiful voice its a shame not many people know who she is. She does many of the hooks for some mainstream rappers such as Drake and Big Sean etc. etc. As I said before I love her voice so much its perfect in my opinion.

The Vapors- Jhene’s soft voice comes over the track and hits your ears and has a nice feel and sounds so smooth. As the song goes on it lets it slowly fade into your mind as her light feathery voice sings the lyrics.

Bed peace- my favorite song on the album, the way she sings the song and how well she goes with the beat is what makes the song great for me. Childish Gambino’s verse on the song is a nice touch; nice to see the couples do a song together. Nice lighthearted love song.

Stay ready- another good song, Kendrick does a great job as always and delivers another great verse to a track. The song seems to be two in one. Which has been occurring lately a lot in new tracks today. I love this as I have said before when songs do this, around 3:50 is when the song shifts. ” If everything is dipped in gold then baby then it will never grow.” Jhene sings this line, which caught my ear when I heard it. How I interpreted it as if you got all the gold or paper or money what have you then how will you grow out of it why would you want to grow out of it if you already have it all?

WTH- Jhene’s soft voice delivers another slow stoner chill out jam. Accompanied by AB-Soul, AB-Soul on the track offers a decent verse; it goes with the verse and the all around theme of the song. Wasn’t too impressed with this track.

The Worst- Melodic track that is about someone who has hurt her in the past. But as she proclaims in the chorus ” I don’t need you, I don’t need you, I don’t need you, but I want you.” its hard for her to resists the guy she proclaims she doesn’t need. But again another sleepy melodic easy listening track.

3:16- Her feathery voice on the track with a strong bass filled beat go well together, with a dream state feel to the track. Its a great song and definitely goes with the album all together.

Comfort inn Ending – A great ending to an outstanding first mainstream project. I really have nothing to say about this track but yet again as I re-repeated multiple times in this review was that her voice is simply amazing.

All in all, it’s an outstanding album. Finally the album is out, I hope that she gets a lot more attention because of this album. I am very impressed with the beats and the little features that she has on it. If I have to give real negative comments for this album is that it was semi similar sounding through out the whole album where I could fall asleep and wake up and not even realize the song had changed. My last negative remark would be that it is too short I want more from her ASAP!! A worthy buy though.



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