Spring Break 6… Like We Ain’t Ever. – Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan released a spring break mini album or Ep on the 7th of March. I didn’t know till about 3 days before so I was super stoked that it was close. It’s a great country spring break album, each song I think fits perfectly for that spring break feeling he was trying to capture. The only song I do not like is The Sand That I Brought To The Beach. I just was not feeling it at all; I think Luke could have gone with a better song than that personally. But each song I love its hard to pick the favorites when its such an short album. Though I have been listening to Night One and Good Look’n Girl a lot more than the others. Both are little love country love songs. Plus I love all the songs this is a definitely a must buy for country lovers and for spring break lovers. Great job by Luke Bryan, now give me a full album!



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