Super Model – Foster The People

Foster The People released their newest album this past Tuesday. It is their second studio release, so their sophomore album. The album is a tad bit different from the first, where the first had a lot of poppy radio hits. This one I feel didn’t have quite the same amount. Out of the three singles they released two have made it to my favorite list off this album. This album is good just different, not over the top amazing but good. A good sophomore album for them. There isn’t a sophomore slump at all with this album. My favorite songs off the album are Best Friend, Coming of Age, Fire Escape, and A Beginners Guide To Destroying The Moon.

Best Friend is an upbeat fun track, a song that gets stuck in your head easily. It has a nice flow to it; it reminds me of a song that could be on Torches. But it sticks out to me because of the beat and just sounds like a fun track that’s easy to belt out in the car.

Coming of Age, the track is a great radio song but not the one I would have chooses to be a single from the album. Its still a good song, it will have you singing along with it. Yet again because its so catchy as the first one. I enjoyed the intro to the album but I feel like I have heard it somewhere before. But regardless of that I enjoyed this song a lot. I just like this song as a whole all together.

Fire Escape is a slow acoustic song, which is nice to hear from foster the people. They sing it so well and I’m sure a lot of people like myself love acoustic songs. I wish that more of the album had more acoustic stuff like this one. It just had a good vibe too it and I instantly loved it a lot.

A Beginner’s Guide To Destroying The Moon. Just the name of the title of the song is great! At first when it started I thought I had accidentally put A$AP Rocky’s song LVL on this playlist. Simply both intros start the same, minus A$AP Rocky saying uh in the beginning. I think I like the beat more than I like the lyrical content of the song.

All in all the album is a great album. If you enjoy Foster the people you will love this album. It doesn’t disappoint. Its a must buy album that’s for sure. Each track is unique in its own way and I love it and should be a success like their first album. I have been waiting for Foster the people to release this album for a while just as I have been waiting for Minus The Bear to release a new album for 2014. I really loved Torches though so this is a nice transition and I can’t wait to hear more from Foster The People. If someone is looking to listen to Foster The People for the first time I wouldn’t suggest this album though. I would send the to their first one Torches. Also can’t wait to see them at Coachella this year.



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