The Beach House Ep -Ty Dolla $ign

Short Ep/album review!

The Beach House Ep starts with Nate Howard speaking while almost preaching while rapping which is a nice funny way to start the first song Work feat Casey veggies, Twista and Nate Poetics. Work is a long song but Twista dominates the track. It also sounds to similar to his second beach house 2 mix tape. The Rest of the album consists of a lot of features, which is not a typically a bad thing. Ty Dolla $ign I believe one of his strengths is features. He just sounds better with features, one of the few rappers or singing rappers now a day that can pull this off. There’s only a few songs of this that I do like Both Paranoid songs are great but I prefer the Remix.

Paranoid is about getting caught by 2 different girls at the club, he obviously been messing with both them so that’s why he is “paranoid”.

Another song I love is Or Nah feat Wiz Khalifa. This song is slow and a real bump and grind song if you get my drift. Wiz Khalifa does a great verse; it’s been awhile since I heard a Wiz verse I liked. Ty Dolla accompanies his TGOD boss with a smooth chorus and verse after, it’s catchy and will have you singing it all day.

Wood and leather feat Big TC and Pops is a good song, not much but the typical rap song you hear in the club and what every other rapper has sung before. Its sill got a good beat, and nice verses from each person on the song.

Never be the same feat Jay Rock, the last song on the album is a great way to wrap up the album. As Ty Dolla sings/raps about how things will never be the same since he has slowly been rising to fame in hip/hop.

The only few bad things about the album, is that its too short the paranoid remix should have been a bonus song, and I hated Familiar feat Travi$ Scott and Fredo Santana. I hated Familiar because Fredo Santana ruined the song, he sounds like a cheap knock off of my boy Chief Keef! Also the fact that Irie and my cabana wasn’t on the ep was I believe a bad move by Ty Dolla $ign. But it turned to be an all right Ep, I would just pick and chose which songs to buy I wouldn’t buy the whole ep.



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