The Woods- PatrickReza

Bare with me, as I have never reviewed any dub step or electronic music!

The Woods by PatrickReza came out a while ago and I have to admit I was sleeping on it. I regret doing that cause it’s a great ep. I have heard many of his older stuff, his most current song vitals I absolutely love. But on to the ep Ritual is a great song with a dope beat and the title itself is a perfect fit to the song as well. It’s a nicely put together song in my opinion. The next song Prey I expected to have some sort of predator come out on the beat and roar or some shit like a lion roar but no roar. Still the build up is great leaving me waiting wondering what’s next. The Next track “The Woods” is another good track as well I like how it fades into the slower beat around 2:06 then proceeds and goes back to the original back beat where we heard in the beginning. Also I love how it slowly fades us into the next track ” tribes” tribes the build up in the beginning is pretty dope if I do say so myself because it also proceeds to do that same build up in some of the song which is great.

I can definitely see myself doing a light show to tribes easily. The ep all in all is a great ep well put together, as well as each track. Very well done. The only problem is that there aren’t enough songs!!! But it is an ep, so I shall wait for another great ep or an amazing album from him.



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