Well Done 4 – Tyga

Tyga just released his newest mix tape in his series of Well Done. I know I usually go over every song on an album or a mix tape. But I feel like it’s a lot for some people to handle so depending on the album I just might do that and on some I won’t. For Well Done 4 I won’t go over every song

Well Done 4 is just horrible, the beats are terrible, and the lyrics are the same as what have heard in the Well Done 3. It is a big disappointment, Tyga is caught up with the swag and money and ho’s style of rapping. I would love to hear Tyga go back to his Well Done 1 flow or even back to his outraged & underrated flow. This is the first Tyga mix tape I have been disappointed in. The only few good songs of this swag hype album that is good is Pressed feat Honey cocaine, Maniac feat Fabulous, Throw it up, Wake up in it feat French Montana, Mally Mall, and Sean Kingston, and Versace Remix. The reason those songs are good is cause the features saved the song. Throw it up he has a great flow on it and is the Tyga I want to hear on a song. The song Versace remix also the Tyga I want to hear from, he went on the beat and murdered it. It seems like he didn’t really care on this one and just threw some songs he had in his iTunes library that he hadn’t “officially” put out and put them out. All in all this mix tape isn’t that great and not worth a whole download.



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