Young Legs – Anthony Green

Anthony Green delivered us a beautiful album a while ago and I have not had the chance to give my review on it yet. Well here we go! The album Young legs nothing short of outstanding, with its beautiful instrumentals and touching lyrics it delivers what a good album should be. Anthony’s voice fills your headphones then into your ears bringing in his amazing voice that one of my co-workers compares to Jesus haha. The album is more of an Ep to me because it has very little songs on it. But still it makes you feel like there is way more if you just put it on for a bit. Though the songs are somewhat repetitive each song has a certain beauty to it, just by the way Anthony sings along with the melody. Personally I love the songs Stolen, You have to believe it will happen, Shine and breaker. For some reason those songs really stood out to me. All in all it is an amazing album and is most definitely worth a download or a listen!


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