Remember Me- Sage The Gemini

Sage The Gemini released his first album this week, titled Remember Me. The album is full of bangers, straight banger album. There is no variety of different style beats, even when they do try to slow it down a bit the beat just sounds way too similar to the rest of the songs on the album. Sage should have more producers work with him, if he could also maybe rap over different beats. For me there are only a few songs I can say are my favorite off this album. For me my favorite songs off this album are Red Nose, Gas Pedal, and Remember Me.

Red Nose is nothing but a banger, with a good beat. Lyrics are pretty good, nothing fantastic or exceptional.

Gas pedal another Single from the album that was a huge success, again another banger. It was different from Red nose had great feel with the beat. Paired with Sage’s voice it went great, I really like sage’s flow on beats like these.

Remember Me is cool because it showing all those who turned him down that he is on right now. His lyrics are actually really good in this song, it’s a step up from his usual lyrics but it isn’t a huge step up.

The album itself is all right, not a lot of change through the songs; you could put it on and not see much a difference in the beats. I like Sage but wish he tried to put some more variety in his beats and lyrics. I mean I came into this album expecting more from him on his first album. Its looking like I have to assume now that he is just not that type of rapper to get introspective or stray away from club bangers. Sage is a good rapper, which makes this review hard for me to write. I just expected more from him. You are not missing much if you don’t get this album, I would just stick to those three songs or just the singles he has released.



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