Where It All Began – Dan + Shay

Dan + Shay released their album Where it All Began a few days ago. I have been waiting for this country album ever since I heard their first single “19 You + Me”. This album is really good, a great country album, I am very impressed. I thought for sure I would only like just the singles off this album. It turns out that I love every single off this album. It’s a 12-song album, with 3 acoustic songs making it a 15-song album. I really enjoy the acoustic sound to almost any song, I mean who doesn’t right? If I had to pick my favorite songs It would be “19 You + Me”, “Somewhere Only We Know”, and “I Heard Goodbye.”

“19 You + Me” the first single from the duo, was a great hit to start with. I loved this song as soon as it came on the Spotify radio. It has that spring/summer feel to it, that summer love feel as well. Most likely because they paint that picture for you to feel, with the lyrics ” Summer 19 you and me”. It’s a great song all together.

“Somewhere Only We Know” is a nice song as well. I liked how they sing it real fast in the beginning of the song then slow down then kind of speed up. The lyrics are about a girl of course what country song wouldn’t be complete with out that!

“I Heard Goodbye” a sad breakup song, its over a nice slow piano and I think I hear a violin as well. I love when albums have variety in their albums and variety in their lyrics as well.

Dan + Shay have made a great album. Like one of my friends had mentioned they kind of got a modern Rascal Flatts sound. Which is okay but lets not go sounding completely like them, they have a good sound to them right now in this album. I can’t wait to hear more from them, lets hope they come out with more music soon



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