Devil- Chiodos

Its been so long since I have listened to a full Chiodos album. It is extremely nice to hear Craig Owens back in the band. After he left the band just fell off in my opinion, now Craig is back at it. This album isn’t a follow up to their old stuff, but damn it’s hard to believe when you hear some of the tracks they have. They have their Theatrical style going with their post-hardcore screamo antics. There are songs on here that I can see Pierce the veil doing and I am surprised that Vic Fuentes didn’t make appearance on any tracks. My personal Favorite songs are Under Your Halo, 3 Am, Expensive Conversations in cheap Motels, and Sunny Days & Hand Grenades.

Under Your Halo is a song I feel that is more pop punk song that pierce the veil or mayday parade would sing. The lyrics are pretty cute, and Craig does a great job with the vocals. The violin on the beat along with the drums is a nice touch too.

3 Am is another different feel sound for Chiodos, it almost sounds like a song Mayday parade would sing. Though Chiodos do it way better than Mayday parade, it’s a good single. It was one of my favorite singles that they have released. It’s nice to see Chiodos trying different sounds beyond their normal brooding theatrical post-hardcore screams.

Expensive Conversations In Cheap Motels is the typical Chiodos song I want to hear. This song I feel would have fit nicely on a B side to their past album Bone Palace Ballet: Grand Coda. It has their screams and their heavy drums on the track along side some nice guitar riffs as well.

Sunny Days & Hand Grenades would have fit nicely on All’s Well That Ends Well Or Bone Palace Ballet: Grand Coda. It has that Chiodos feel that you want to hear when you think of Chiodos. It reminds me of one of their songs off Bone Palace Ballet: Grand Coda. “Is It Progression If a Cannibal Uses A Fork?” It reminds me of this song because of the way in the middle he stops and talks for a few seconds then goes right back into singing. All and all-great song, just reminds me of the old Chiodos.

This album is great; any old fan of Chiodos would gladly love this album. When I first heard it, I thought damn its like they never lost Craig Owens. This album is just great for new fans and old fans of that Screamo post-hardcore screamo stuff. Chiodos has that certain style with the violins and the theatrical stuff added that makes them unique, they offer a great sound. Must buy album, if you are not into Pierce The Veil or The Devil Wears Prada then you won’t like Chiodos.



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