Savages- Breathe Carolina

Breathe Carolina released another album despite Kyle Evans (main screams) leaving the band. The new album title is called “Savages”. This album is not what I was looking for when I go to listen to Breathe Carolina. The album is all right for an EDM/ Pop album. It has minor screams and more singing, which is not what I want to hear from a Breathe Carolina album. The only few songs that I do enjoy on this album is Sellouts. The only reason I like this one and only song off the whole album is because it has the right combination of screams and singing, and the only song with screams.

Breathe Carolina should have stopped making music after Kyle left. It is apparent that Breathe Carolina isn’t the same with out him. If they were going to keep making music after he left the band they should have made songs with screams and not focus on the singing/pop aspect. If you are a Breathe Carolina fan I wouldn’t buy this album, hate say it but it’s not a good album.



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