The New Classic – Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea released finally her first album titled ” The New Classic”. It is great; I love every song on this album. In my opinion it’s nice to see her finally come out with an album that’s actually really good. The Deluxe album has 16 tracks that are all great, there’s not one song on here were I didn’t like. My favorite songs are Fancy Feat Charlie XCX, Work, and Black Widow.

Fancy was I believe the third single that really caught my ear. The beat is simple and Iggy goes on the track and spits some good verses and lyrics. Charlie XCX is amazing addition to the track I absolutely love her voice. More people need to check her out. This is most likely my number one favorite song off the album.

Work is another great track with a good slow back beat in the beginning, then transition into a faster pace beat that leads you into the chorus. I can see a lot of people bump this in their cars with the windows down, the songs makes you just want to “turn up”, overall good track.

Black Widow goes bumps hard in the car the bass is pretty dope if you got some subs. Anyway Iggy offers a little story, on this track. Iggy and Rita Ora is another good combo together on a track, Iggy offers a fire second verse on this track. I was greatly impressed on her flow on this track.

Iggy’s new album isn’t a bad album; it has a lot of turn up songs and few deep songs. This is typical today but doesn’t mean this album is shit. This album is a great album and a perfect first album for Iggy. People take some albums way too serious, when they are meant to be just fun albums. There are always going to be haters, who find something wrong with any albums. You can’t deny Iggy has a great flow and spits fast paced lyrics; she is the first besides Nicki Minaj female rapper to release a great first record. All in all this is a great album, just cause its titled “new classic” doesn’t mean it falls short of it, and it lives up to the title. It does not fall short.



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