28 grams – Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa released his newest mixtape 28 grams yesterday, after being taken to jail in Texas for marijuana possession. Yes its ironic I know, but anyway Wiz released the 28-track mixtape finally, and it’s good. Not great just good, I only say it’s good because there are so many songs that are just filler and are there because he wanted a 28-track mixtape. Since there are so many songs off this one I will only discuss two.

On a plane is nice easy listening track, the chorus is nice and has that oldie feel. This song to me could have been on Wiz’s first album Deal or No Deal. It sounds like the old wiz that I knew from flight school mixtape and Kush and OJ. This is an all around nice track to the ears, no auto tune no dumb repetitive lyrics.

Get That Zipp off is track were I think wiz shines and goes hard on the beat. He snaps on the track, it defiantly got my intention when it came on. The chorus is basic, that’s my only criticism of the song. The beat is nice as well, wiz sounds great alongside this beat. ” Steady flexin on these children like I’m Willie nelson” I personally thought that one lyric was clever and funny from wiz on this track.

The 28 mixtape is like said just good and not great. A lot of the songs I didn’t enjoy were so repetitive for me I couldn’t stand to listen to them. I ended up making a separate playlist titled best of 28 grams. The separate playlist that has the 16 tracks, are ones that I personally think are the best off that mixtape. But the songs I did put on that separate playlist are just the wiz I really want to hear from wiz. It’s the wiz I want to hear on his upcoming album Blacc Hollywood. Those 16 songs show that wiz still can make good songs like the previous ones we have heard and loved before.


[ Picture of the best of 28 grams playlist I made ]



Faces- Mac Miller

Mac Miller released another Mixtape or free album whatever you want to call it on Mothers day. This mixtape is something you should must download, Its free so why not? Its amazing Mac Miller album, he has the perfect balance between talking about real shit and bangers, and relaxing music. I was really excited to see it come out and I have been listening to it on and off. Only on and off because Atmosphere’s album is also so good as well. My favorite songs off this mixtape are here we go, inside and out, and Wedding. There are other great songs on the mixtape, these are just the ones I loved and stood out to me.

Here we go has a nice intro with a quote spoken by a young lady that introduces into the song. It’s more of a show off song for mac, to show how far he has come. My favorite line from the song is ” I did it all with out a drake feature!” True mac hasn’t been on any songs with Drake, which I would love to hear by the way. He said it wasn’t a shot at drake so here’s hoping a drake feature soon! But the beat is really good as well, and the lyrics are dope.

Inside out follows here we go and mac states ” came in I was high already” mentioning what got him famous in his previous with his previous style. Where he appealed to stoners, and sub-urban kids. Now the song has a good beat, a nice mellow melody in my opinion. Its a song you can just vibe to and relax to. Even though it’s not long its still one of my favorites off the album

Wedding is a slow song mac talks about love and appears a girl he may have been into. Its a sweet melody, reminds me of spring. Its lyrics are good as well as Macs flow on the beat; the intro on the track again is a person speaking this time a man. I am not sure how the intro fits into the song, its alright I could have gone with out it.

Mac Miller continues to grow as an artist and as a person as we can see in his music. The mixtape is great it offers so much to the hungry fans who have been waiting for more music from mac. It also offers a lot of songs for a mixtape. That is my only complaint is that there are too many songs. He would have been better of splitting the mixtape into two parts. Its still a fantastic album I highly recommend any hip/hop fan to download this ASAP!


Year Of The Caprese – Cherub

Cherub’s debut album was released yesterday; the duo did a nice job with their first album. It may just be me but to me its just an alright album. They could have done more to blow me away, I know its their first album but compared to previous projects such as MoM & DaD, and 100 Bottles this one I like the very least. Don’t get me wrong its a good album just not one I be like “oh throw that one “. My favorite songs include Doses’s and Mimosas, Strip to this, and <3. The other songs are good too but these one's just stood out of me.

Doses and Mimosas from their previous MoM & DaD is one of my all time favorite songs by them. It’s catchy and has a good beat to it. I could see this song live being really good as well; hope these guys get signed on for Coachella 2015.

Strip To This is another sexual track, no surprise there. It is thought still a good track, it’s slow and easily to understand what they are going for here on this track.

❤ is a different track where they get into their more harsher lyrics. The chorus a catchy and has a 80s feel to the whole song all together. Still they do a good job with this track all together.

The album isn't bad but it’s not over the top amazing. Its nice to have new music from them though, I will be listening to their new stuff too but I love their older stuff more. The electro pop duo knows how to make a good album, I just wasn't surprised by any of the tracks nor was I too impressed. I was just happy to hear new music by them that’s all, really want to see them live. I would think they would be pretty fun to see live.


Xscape – Michael Jackson

The second posthumous album released from Mj’s private collection was released today. I kind of have mixed feelings, only because knowing Michael had his reason for shelving these songs and also he didn’t get to listen to them before they were released. As well the beats are different from their original versions, timberland and another producer re-did the beats. In my opinion the original versions are ten times better than the newer ones they have on the regular CD. I love all the Original tracks of the songs; my favorite songs are A Place With No Name (Original Version), Love Never Felt So Good (Original Version), and Chicago (Original version).

A Place With No Name is great because it has a nice acoustic guitar playing in the background along side the snapping of Michael’s fingers. It has a nice catchy chorus that has you singing along with it, as well as nodding your head along with the beat.

Love Never Felt So Good I love absolutely love because you can actually hear Michael count into the song as well as him snapping his fingers. It has a nice smooth piano in the background and I love pianos on tracks they sound amazing. Also Michael’s voice is so raw to me on this track and it’s amazing to hear it again.

Chicago has that late 80s music feel to me for some reason, as well Michaels voice sounds perfect alongside this beat. I love everything about this track, its simple as that. The beat, the feel, the vibe, and Michaels voice are all amazing on this track.

The album is great and refreshing, it’s refreshing to hear MJ’s voice again on tracks that most of us have never heard him on. As well as it actually being really MJ’s voice and not some fake impostor’s voice on the track, where you can clearly tell it isn’t MJ. I really wish they didn’t change the beats on the Original versions it seems a bit wrong, clearly MJ had a certain sound he wanted on those original tracks. The original tracks are the sounds and beats Michael had wanted his fans to hear, and that’s what Timbaland should have taken into account. Aside from that amazing album buy it, and support the one and ONLY king of pop.


FREEBASE – 2chainz

2chainz released a free ep, basically a small mixtape about a few weeks ago. Its nothing impressive at all, its your typical 2chainz songs on one free ep. It offers 7 free songs, that like i said are what you would expect from 2chainz. It lacks well versed lyrical content, its repetitive lyrics offer nothing of interest to me at all. The features are all good, its nice to here lil boosie again on some tracks. But if you came here looking for good beats and pure bangers that you can bump you found it. You wanna shut your mind off and listen to mindless lyrics here you go! The top tracks if i had to pick them are Crib in my closet, and They know, and Wuda Cuda shuda. You can skip this ep gladly, I’m so glad i didn’t buy this at all.


Southsiders- Atmosphere

Atmosphere released a new album and it feels like forever since I have heard slug rap! Slug and Ant are back and I couldn’t be happier! Southsiders was released last Tuesday and its been flowing to my ears since then. The 18-track album is amazing to say the least; it has two bonus tracks that are very well worth listening to and buying. This is Atmosphere’s seventh album, and they somehow keep making great albums. Southsiders is better than most rappers that released an album this year. My favorite songs that I really enjoy are Mrs. Interpret, Bitter, and Flicker. I really love this whole album it’s refreshing to hear another artist rapping about actual things other than money, cars, and girls.

Mrs. Interpret has a slow backbeat with French words spoken by a woman making it sound really smooth. Plus the beat is so nice and has smooth feel with the dj scratch on it. Ant always delivers great beats and being an awesome DJ. Slug on the track raps well alongside the beat, he gives it a nice 90s feel to me.

Bitter is the first single that I heard off this album and I knew after hearing it that this album was going to be great. The lyrics are catchy and not repetitive minus the chorus which kind of has to be repetitive, best line ” Treat love like a limited resource Fight for it like there’s never gonna be more. ” It’s true with people these days that don’t know the real meaning of love and just throw it around like hey or hello.

Flicker is a sad song, it’s about death and its straight forward and crystal clear that it is. Slug raps about a friend who passed away that had him like he says ” a snot nosed child” meaning crying really hard. That’s what I thought when he said this. Its beat is nice an ode to his friend, and just full good lyrics my favorite ” another dog lost to the wild”. Its a great song and really sad.

Southsiders is another great Atmosphere by Slug and Ant. They somehow keep making great albums that continue to be relevant to their fans. They have become Underground champions such as Tech N9NE but still there are many people who do not know who they are, which is sad because they are really good and actual hip-hop artist not like the crap Hip/Hop that is out today. If you haven’t bought this album do so now. If you haven’t even heard of Atmosphere than pop in this CD or the rest of their 6 albums that are great.