Southsiders- Atmosphere

Atmosphere released a new album and it feels like forever since I have heard slug rap! Slug and Ant are back and I couldn’t be happier! Southsiders was released last Tuesday and its been flowing to my ears since then. The 18-track album is amazing to say the least; it has two bonus tracks that are very well worth listening to and buying. This is Atmosphere’s seventh album, and they somehow keep making great albums. Southsiders is better than most rappers that released an album this year. My favorite songs that I really enjoy are Mrs. Interpret, Bitter, and Flicker. I really love this whole album it’s refreshing to hear another artist rapping about actual things other than money, cars, and girls.

Mrs. Interpret has a slow backbeat with French words spoken by a woman making it sound really smooth. Plus the beat is so nice and has smooth feel with the dj scratch on it. Ant always delivers great beats and being an awesome DJ. Slug on the track raps well alongside the beat, he gives it a nice 90s feel to me.

Bitter is the first single that I heard off this album and I knew after hearing it that this album was going to be great. The lyrics are catchy and not repetitive minus the chorus which kind of has to be repetitive, best line ” Treat love like a limited resource Fight for it like there’s never gonna be more. ” It’s true with people these days that don’t know the real meaning of love and just throw it around like hey or hello.

Flicker is a sad song, it’s about death and its straight forward and crystal clear that it is. Slug raps about a friend who passed away that had him like he says ” a snot nosed child” meaning crying really hard. That’s what I thought when he said this. Its beat is nice an ode to his friend, and just full good lyrics my favorite ” another dog lost to the wild”. Its a great song and really sad.

Southsiders is another great Atmosphere by Slug and Ant. They somehow keep making great albums that continue to be relevant to their fans. They have become Underground champions such as Tech N9NE but still there are many people who do not know who they are, which is sad because they are really good and actual hip-hop artist not like the crap Hip/Hop that is out today. If you haven’t bought this album do so now. If you haven’t even heard of Atmosphere than pop in this CD or the rest of their 6 albums that are great.



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