Xscape – Michael Jackson

The second posthumous album released from Mj’s private collection was released today. I kind of have mixed feelings, only because knowing Michael had his reason for shelving these songs and also he didn’t get to listen to them before they were released. As well the beats are different from their original versions, timberland and another producer re-did the beats. In my opinion the original versions are ten times better than the newer ones they have on the regular CD. I love all the Original tracks of the songs; my favorite songs are A Place With No Name (Original Version), Love Never Felt So Good (Original Version), and Chicago (Original version).

A Place With No Name is great because it has a nice acoustic guitar playing in the background along side the snapping of Michael’s fingers. It has a nice catchy chorus that has you singing along with it, as well as nodding your head along with the beat.

Love Never Felt So Good I love absolutely love because you can actually hear Michael count into the song as well as him snapping his fingers. It has a nice smooth piano in the background and I love pianos on tracks they sound amazing. Also Michael’s voice is so raw to me on this track and it’s amazing to hear it again.

Chicago has that late 80s music feel to me for some reason, as well Michaels voice sounds perfect alongside this beat. I love everything about this track, its simple as that. The beat, the feel, the vibe, and Michaels voice are all amazing on this track.

The album is great and refreshing, it’s refreshing to hear MJ’s voice again on tracks that most of us have never heard him on. As well as it actually being really MJ’s voice and not some fake impostor’s voice on the track, where you can clearly tell it isn’t MJ. I really wish they didn’t change the beats on the Original versions it seems a bit wrong, clearly MJ had a certain sound he wanted on those original tracks. The original tracks are the sounds and beats Michael had wanted his fans to hear, and that’s what Timbaland should have taken into account. Aside from that amazing album buy it, and support the one and ONLY king of pop.



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