Year Of The Caprese – Cherub

Cherub’s debut album was released yesterday; the duo did a nice job with their first album. It may just be me but to me its just an alright album. They could have done more to blow me away, I know its their first album but compared to previous projects such as MoM & DaD, and 100 Bottles this one I like the very least. Don’t get me wrong its a good album just not one I be like “oh throw that one “. My favorite songs include Doses’s and Mimosas, Strip to this, and <3. The other songs are good too but these one's just stood out of me.

Doses and Mimosas from their previous MoM & DaD is one of my all time favorite songs by them. It’s catchy and has a good beat to it. I could see this song live being really good as well; hope these guys get signed on for Coachella 2015.

Strip To This is another sexual track, no surprise there. It is thought still a good track, it’s slow and easily to understand what they are going for here on this track.

❤ is a different track where they get into their more harsher lyrics. The chorus a catchy and has a 80s feel to the whole song all together. Still they do a good job with this track all together.

The album isn't bad but it’s not over the top amazing. Its nice to have new music from them though, I will be listening to their new stuff too but I love their older stuff more. The electro pop duo knows how to make a good album, I just wasn't surprised by any of the tracks nor was I too impressed. I was just happy to hear new music by them that’s all, really want to see them live. I would think they would be pretty fun to see live.



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