Faces- Mac Miller

Mac Miller released another Mixtape or free album whatever you want to call it on Mothers day. This mixtape is something you should must download, Its free so why not? Its amazing Mac Miller album, he has the perfect balance between talking about real shit and bangers, and relaxing music. I was really excited to see it come out and I have been listening to it on and off. Only on and off because Atmosphere’s album is also so good as well. My favorite songs off this mixtape are here we go, inside and out, and Wedding. There are other great songs on the mixtape, these are just the ones I loved and stood out to me.

Here we go has a nice intro with a quote spoken by a young lady that introduces into the song. It’s more of a show off song for mac, to show how far he has come. My favorite line from the song is ” I did it all with out a drake feature!” True mac hasn’t been on any songs with Drake, which I would love to hear by the way. He said it wasn’t a shot at drake so here’s hoping a drake feature soon! But the beat is really good as well, and the lyrics are dope.

Inside out follows here we go and mac states ” came in I was high already” mentioning what got him famous in his previous with his previous style. Where he appealed to stoners, and sub-urban kids. Now the song has a good beat, a nice mellow melody in my opinion. Its a song you can just vibe to and relax to. Even though it’s not long its still one of my favorites off the album

Wedding is a slow song mac talks about love and appears a girl he may have been into. Its a sweet melody, reminds me of spring. Its lyrics are good as well as Macs flow on the beat; the intro on the track again is a person speaking this time a man. I am not sure how the intro fits into the song, its alright I could have gone with out it.

Mac Miller continues to grow as an artist and as a person as we can see in his music. The mixtape is great it offers so much to the hungry fans who have been waiting for more music from mac. It also offers a lot of songs for a mixtape. That is my only complaint is that there are too many songs. He would have been better of splitting the mixtape into two parts. Its still a fantastic album I highly recommend any hip/hop fan to download this ASAP!



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