28 grams – Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa released his newest mixtape 28 grams yesterday, after being taken to jail in Texas for marijuana possession. Yes its ironic I know, but anyway Wiz released the 28-track mixtape finally, and it’s good. Not great just good, I only say it’s good because there are so many songs that are just filler and are there because he wanted a 28-track mixtape. Since there are so many songs off this one I will only discuss two.

On a plane is nice easy listening track, the chorus is nice and has that oldie feel. This song to me could have been on Wiz’s first album Deal or No Deal. It sounds like the old wiz that I knew from flight school mixtape and Kush and OJ. This is an all around nice track to the ears, no auto tune no dumb repetitive lyrics.

Get That Zipp off is track were I think wiz shines and goes hard on the beat. He snaps on the track, it defiantly got my intention when it came on. The chorus is basic, that’s my only criticism of the song. The beat is nice as well, wiz sounds great alongside this beat. ” Steady flexin on these children like I’m Willie nelson” I personally thought that one lyric was clever and funny from wiz on this track.

The 28 mixtape is like said just good and not great. A lot of the songs I didn’t enjoy were so repetitive for me I couldn’t stand to listen to them. I ended up making a separate playlist titled best of 28 grams. The separate playlist that has the 16 tracks, are ones that I personally think are the best off that mixtape. But the songs I did put on that separate playlist are just the wiz I really want to hear from wiz. It’s the wiz I want to hear on his upcoming album Blacc Hollywood. Those 16 songs show that wiz still can make good songs like the previous ones we have heard and loved before.


[ Picture of the best of 28 grams playlist I made ]



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