These Things Happen : G-Eazy

G-Eazy finally releases his sophomore album, and it does a pretty good job catching your ear. It’s been awhile since I heard from the Oakland native. I first heard and saw him at warped tour a few years back. I was greatly impressed, then after that I didn’t hear much from him until this past year. The 16-track album has very few features, and mostly just G-Eazy on the tracks by himself holding his own. My favorite songs are These Things Happen, Lets Get Lost Feat Devon Baldwin, Complete,and Tumblr Girls.

These Things Happen the title track is an insightful track from G-Eazy. The beat is great; as well the lyrics are real and show us that G-Eazy is ready to blow up. Describing what he has been through this year, giving us a little insight.

Lets Get Lost is a synth beat with featuring Devon Baldwin. Devon does a nice job on the track and will sure catch the ear of many listeners. This is definitely a radio track that I can see all over the radios. G-Eazy’s straightforward lyrics are easy to listen to.

Tumblr Girls the name says it all. The lyrics are typical to the point where its about love, sex, and drugs. The way G-Eazy goes over the beat at one point is pretty neat. Its a really laid back track, Its just a song to vibe to.

Complete is one of my absolute favorites off this album. I love the sample from Ginuwine’s song Differences. The whole track is great even the lyrics are sincere, and is just straightforward.

G-Eazy lyrical skill is just average, his monotone raps go well with his beats. Through out the track his voice is that laid-back chill tone. He makes these all work for him though on the track, His storytelling ability is great as well as shown on many tracks. I personally love this album; it is though just a good album not an instant classic like Kendrick or Eminem’s first album. It’s a diverse hip/hop album that has synth beats and hip/hop beats. G-Eazy does though have consistently have great beats, even off his first album. He makes the laid back beats go well with his voice. G-Eazy has that hipster look going for him so when you see him rap; it’s like wait what? Anyway good album you can buy it or not.



The Hunting Party – Linkin Park

Linkin Park released their sixth studio release today The Hunting party. The album is I believe way better than their last two albums. I had no idea who that Linkin Park was on those last two albums, but this is the Linkin Park I know and love. There’s some hard rock on this album but there are also songs that allow Chester and mike to do their things such as rap and sing their hearts out. My favorite songs are Mark the Graves, All For Nothing, and keys to the kingdom. The album is a great album; it has a great feel to it. This sounds like a Linkin Park album to me.

Mark The Graves is rough at the start with the guitar at the beginning, it slowly starts to slow down and Chester’s voice comes into the track. This song really caught my ear because it stood out among the rest of the songs to me, it sounded like a track from minutes to midnight almost.

All For Nothing is another track that I loved because I suddenly heard Mike on the track rapping like he just got finished rapping on Metora. Also it has Chester yelling on the track too! Its one of my favorites off the album, it should have been a single for the album in my opinion.

Keys To The Kingdom is the beginning track and its perfectly placed; it brings you back to the Linkin Park that everyone fell in love with. It has the perfect balance of rock and rap on the track, something that I loved about Linkin Park where they stood out from the rest of the bands out there. It’s nice to hear Chester screaming, and also nice to hear Mike rapping again.

The album is great, there are so many good tracks on this album such as the singles that were released. I was impressed by Linkin Park; it seemed on their last two albums they lost their way. They tried to try a new direction. Like the old saying goes though if it aint broke don’t fix it. This is a good album definitely worth the buy.


UltraViolence – Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey releasing here second album and just escaped a sophomore slump. Though listening to her you would think she was going through some kind of slump. The album is Atmospheric and melancholy, but nonetheless it’s a beautiful album. The production on it is pretty great. I think Dan Auerbach from the black keys also had a part in her new album as well. Regardless her voice sounds great, it’s so relaxing and lets you drift away into her own world she’s creating with her lyrics. I love her title track UltraViolence, Money Power and Glory, and West Coast.

UltraViolence is a good song; I love the piano in the begging of the song. The melancholy song is slow and lets you float along with the song. Her voice is just so great on this track, even if the song is about abusive relationship. At first you don’t notice that but as you follow along its pretty sad.

Money Power Glory the three things that this “bitch” wants as Lana claims. Again this track has a simple beat but yet it catches your ear at the same time. I can’t help but feel like this song should be in a movie trailer for something like Wolf of Wall Street.

West Coast the first single I heard off this album didn’t shock me or blow me away. But I did really enjoy it; I actually really liked the beat on this one as well. Around 2:02 is where I started to take notice of it.

Lana made another great album, it’s very easy to put this song on and get lost in its world that it creates for you. Its perfect for a sunset beach day or even for those rainy days (some of the songs). If you are a fan of Queen Lana then you will absolutely love this album, so enjoy it. If it were payday I would download it off iTunes.


Animal Ambition- 50 Cent

50 cent released his newsiest album Animal Ambition today. 50 cent has been struggling to become relevant in the hip/hop world and this album is barely helping his cause. The album isn’t that great, I don’t know what happened to 50 cent but he fell off hard. Some people have a sophomore slump but 50 didn’t, and peaked at his second album. Since then 50 has made albums and tried very hard to recapture that same sound he had on his first two hit albums but has failed time and time again. The only good songs off Animal Ambition are Pilot, Hustler, and Chase The Paper, Every Time I Come Around. The other songs aren’t that great, they sound repetitive and too slow on the beats. 50 should swallow his pride and fix things up with The Game because he is still relevant and putting out fire verses and good albums.

Pilot is one of the first songs I heard off and gave me high hopes for this album. The beat is great; his flow on the track is great and dominates the track. Its like his Massacre album flow in my opinion, it was great to hear 50 rap a verses that were actually worth hearing.

Hustler has a great beat; it was a great single and smart again of 50 to put it out. It shows us the old 50 the 50 that could spit and be relevant. It’s a song I personally think is worth downloading.

Chase The Paper is something that could have been on Massacre or get rich or die trying albums. I can’t believe 50 didn’t put more songs like this on this album. It’s a really good 50 cent song, it’s the song you expect to hear from 50 and expect all the songs on this album to be like.

Every time I come around featuring Yo Gotti is a great song. Its great only cause I personally think Yo Gotti dominates the track, 50 does a good job on it as well but Yo Gotti really caught my ear on this track.

Animal Ambition is still a good album regardless, it may not be over the top amazing as massacre or get rich or die trying was, but it is still an enjoyable album to put on and listen to. Would I personally buy it? No, just those four songs I would buy, as I said those are the only ones that caught my ear and made me think damn 50 can really dominate tracks sometimes. 50 is barely relevant these days, this album will buy him some more relevancy though.