Animal Ambition- 50 Cent

50 cent released his newsiest album Animal Ambition today. 50 cent has been struggling to become relevant in the hip/hop world and this album is barely helping his cause. The album isn’t that great, I don’t know what happened to 50 cent but he fell off hard. Some people have a sophomore slump but 50 didn’t, and peaked at his second album. Since then 50 has made albums and tried very hard to recapture that same sound he had on his first two hit albums but has failed time and time again. The only good songs off Animal Ambition are Pilot, Hustler, and Chase The Paper, Every Time I Come Around. The other songs aren’t that great, they sound repetitive and too slow on the beats. 50 should swallow his pride and fix things up with The Game because he is still relevant and putting out fire verses and good albums.

Pilot is one of the first songs I heard off and gave me high hopes for this album. The beat is great; his flow on the track is great and dominates the track. Its like his Massacre album flow in my opinion, it was great to hear 50 rap a verses that were actually worth hearing.

Hustler has a great beat; it was a great single and smart again of 50 to put it out. It shows us the old 50 the 50 that could spit and be relevant. It’s a song I personally think is worth downloading.

Chase The Paper is something that could have been on Massacre or get rich or die trying albums. I can’t believe 50 didn’t put more songs like this on this album. It’s a really good 50 cent song, it’s the song you expect to hear from 50 and expect all the songs on this album to be like.

Every time I come around featuring Yo Gotti is a great song. Its great only cause I personally think Yo Gotti dominates the track, 50 does a good job on it as well but Yo Gotti really caught my ear on this track.

Animal Ambition is still a good album regardless, it may not be over the top amazing as massacre or get rich or die trying was, but it is still an enjoyable album to put on and listen to. Would I personally buy it? No, just those four songs I would buy, as I said those are the only ones that caught my ear and made me think damn 50 can really dominate tracks sometimes. 50 is barely relevant these days, this album will buy him some more relevancy though.



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