The Hunting Party – Linkin Park

Linkin Park released their sixth studio release today The Hunting party. The album is I believe way better than their last two albums. I had no idea who that Linkin Park was on those last two albums, but this is the Linkin Park I know and love. There’s some hard rock on this album but there are also songs that allow Chester and mike to do their things such as rap and sing their hearts out. My favorite songs are Mark the Graves, All For Nothing, and keys to the kingdom. The album is a great album; it has a great feel to it. This sounds like a Linkin Park album to me.

Mark The Graves is rough at the start with the guitar at the beginning, it slowly starts to slow down and Chester’s voice comes into the track. This song really caught my ear because it stood out among the rest of the songs to me, it sounded like a track from minutes to midnight almost.

All For Nothing is another track that I loved because I suddenly heard Mike on the track rapping like he just got finished rapping on Metora. Also it has Chester yelling on the track too! Its one of my favorites off the album, it should have been a single for the album in my opinion.

Keys To The Kingdom is the beginning track and its perfectly placed; it brings you back to the Linkin Park that everyone fell in love with. It has the perfect balance of rock and rap on the track, something that I loved about Linkin Park where they stood out from the rest of the bands out there. It’s nice to hear Chester screaming, and also nice to hear Mike rapping again.

The album is great, there are so many good tracks on this album such as the singles that were released. I was impressed by Linkin Park; it seemed on their last two albums they lost their way. They tried to try a new direction. Like the old saying goes though if it aint broke don’t fix it. This is a good album definitely worth the buy.



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