UltraViolence – Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey releasing here second album and just escaped a sophomore slump. Though listening to her you would think she was going through some kind of slump. The album is Atmospheric and melancholy, but nonetheless it’s a beautiful album. The production on it is pretty great. I think Dan Auerbach from the black keys also had a part in her new album as well. Regardless her voice sounds great, it’s so relaxing and lets you drift away into her own world she’s creating with her lyrics. I love her title track UltraViolence, Money Power and Glory, and West Coast.

UltraViolence is a good song; I love the piano in the begging of the song. The melancholy song is slow and lets you float along with the song. Her voice is just so great on this track, even if the song is about abusive relationship. At first you don’t notice that but as you follow along its pretty sad.

Money Power Glory the three things that this “bitch” wants as Lana claims. Again this track has a simple beat but yet it catches your ear at the same time. I can’t help but feel like this song should be in a movie trailer for something like Wolf of Wall Street.

West Coast the first single I heard off this album didn’t shock me or blow me away. But I did really enjoy it; I actually really liked the beat on this one as well. Around 2:02 is where I started to take notice of it.

Lana made another great album, it’s very easy to put this song on and get lost in its world that it creates for you. Its perfect for a sunset beach day or even for those rainy days (some of the songs). If you are a fan of Queen Lana then you will absolutely love this album, so enjoy it. If it were payday I would download it off iTunes.



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