Let Me Have It- Givers & Takers

Givers & Takers released their album from sound cloud and to the people who donated to their KickStarter a week ago. The album doesn’t disappoint, I first heard of these Isla Vista natives from a friend of mine. Then when I got to see them live I was even more impressed of how good they were. The mixture of what they sound like to me is Explosions In The Sky instrumentals meets some psychedelic melodies. Also at one point I catch the lead singer sounding a little bit like Alan Stone in one of their new tracks. You can feel the good vibes flow through the songs. My personal favorite song off this album is “lost My Body” and the title track “Let Me Have It”

Lost My Body has a nice slow introduction, it slow drifts into the lead singers soft voice. It’s melodic, and easy to digest. Its perfect song to just drive down the coast listening to, or even to just sit under the shade in the summer sun. I

Let Me Have It another favorite of mine, because of the way the sound the guitar is on this track. It really caught my ear; the lyrics aren’t that bad ether! It’s a great way to end this little album of theirs.

The album all together is a good short album. Though there are times were I could barely hear the lead vocals because the instruments are just too loud. It would be if they could have turned up the vocals a little bit louder than the instruments so I can comprehend some of the lyrics on certain songs. Even then that’s only on two songs I can’t really understand what the lead vocalist is saying. My favorite part about this album is the long instrumental beginnings, as well as the catchy melodies. Job well done can’t wait to hear more. You can hear the album here on their SoundCloud



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