5 Seconds Of Summer- 5 Seconds Of Summer

5 Seconds Of Summer is an Australian band that has to me at least blown up in the last few months. They are a pop punk band, but they aren’t really the normal pop punk band. They are more like One Direction and All time low combined. Though the One direction part is a tad bit heavier, than the all time low vibe. Still they are a really good pop punk band, bringing in fans from both sides of the spectrum. The 16-track album is a refreshing debut album, for me at least where I have seen a lull in that genre. My favorite songs off the album are Amnesia, She Looks So Perfect, and Don’t Stop.

Amnesia is a typical Pop breakup song that can take you back to your first heartache, the mood, the feeling, everything. The choice to do this song as an acoustic was perfect, absolutely perfect. Though its towards the end its a perfect way to end a good album.

She Looks So Perfect is their breakout hit so of course it’s going to be one of my favorites. It’s so catchy and such a typical pop punk song I love it. Its catchy, it has nice guitar rifts and makes you want to sing the song out loud.

Don’t Stop is another pop punk anthem for the band, its got quotable lyrics. It’s like fast paced rhythm and its cute little lyrics along side some hard hitting drums make this song great.

5SOS aka 5 Seconds Of Summer is a great band, they are far from One Direction and All Time low or even blink-182 (Don’t know why people even compare them) but they find they’re way somewhere right in the middle. They found a great balance right in between, that being said this album is great. I love it, its something I would most definitely listen to in high school. The whole album deserves a full listen too and then to go on repeat. Give them a listen, you will be singing right along.


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