Blacc Hollywood – Wiz Khalifa

Blacc Hollywood, Wiz’s third album release was released today. It’s a mixture of Rolling papers and ONIFC. It’s a pretty decent album, it’s not a cohesive album yes. That seems to be a given, but lets be real when does anyone really listen to an album all the way through in order from front to back. That being said if you put this album on shuffle like every other person did, it turns into a good album. The album has its tracks where wiz gives us the rags to riches story. Talks about stereotypes and how people stereotype him. We also have the slow melodic tracks for the stoners that will surely enjoy them. The album does have its “bangers” as well. Truly it has everything a rap album could have including some pop rap. My personal favorite songs off the album are We Dem Boyz, RAW, and So High. There are other good songs, but these ones stood out to me.

We Dem Boyz is my favorite because I hated it at first, but it slowly grew on me. Its beat is nice the lyrics are extremely simple. The beat again is great because you want to just turn up and dance to it, I admit I’ve caught my self dancing to this in the car.

RAW is a straight “banger” it hits hard when the bass comes in, the chorus is eh, but wiz delivers the typical rap lyrics, nothing really different then you would hear from a 2chainz song except a little more emphasis on the weed. The beat is nice as well; it reminds me of a beat that came off cabin fever.

So High is a good track just cause its seamlessly catchy. Its chorus is atmospheric and will have you singing it out loud. It’s a perfect song to just cruise down the street on a sunny day. It’s just a real mellow song to put on.

The album is a decent album; it’s not horrible like most of these critics claim it to be. Let wiz diverse his music, let him be creative and do what he pleases with HIS music. That being said it’s a different kind of wiz album, it’s kind of all over the place. Its worth the listen though, its one of those albums you can just listen to the snippet on iTunes and pick and choose which songs to buy.



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