Sign Language – Ty Dolla $ign

Ty dolla $ign released his new mixtape titled sign language. The album as a whole is great. The features are key, and each feature verse delivers nothing but greatness. Ty dolla $ign released a small album earlier this year and it is just as good. The mixtape is smooth and has great beats and a collection of artist that dominate the track. I believe each song has an interlude attached to each song that makes it flow nicely. Even Ty dolla spits a few lyrics that are great. My favorite tracks are Lord knows, Type of shit I hate, and Like I do.

Lord knows has a good beat, I like the chorus the most of all in this song. Also the first verse done by Ty Dolla has a good flow and goes go great along side the beat. It was great to hear Dom Kennedy on a song that I actually like. It’s weird how some rappers are just better on features. Rick Ross delivered a great verse, wasn’t too impressed but he did a nice job. The interlude at the end of this one flows nicely into the next song as well.

Type Of Shit I Hate bangs hard it has a great beat, it’s a club banger for sure. I love Fabolous’s verse in this song. It just dominates the track. YG who also is on the track did a nice job, but damn Loso overshadows him on this track. A nice little acoustic interlude is at the very end of this track and wish it was longer, its the first Ed Sheeran song I really liked!

Like I Do has a nice intro and is another song that has a nice beat, it has a great verse from Yo Gotti, and French Montana. Yo Gotti brought his A-game for this verse, because I was left wanting to hear more from him. French Montana offered a decent verse it started dope then it just ended being just all right. The Interlude at the end of this song done by Jeremih was just all right; there are better ones on the record.

The mixtape is great; its got great beats from good producers. It has a collection of features that are nothing short of great, each interlude flows perfectly. The whole mixtape as a whole is fluid and nice to put on and just ride around with. It has soulful tracks and bangers, Ty Dolla $ign great job. Must download mixtape.



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