My Everything – Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande released her sophomore album last week, its full of poppy hits and bangers and collection rappers. Mind you I only listened to I believe one song off her first album. All though ever since I heard The Way featuring Mac Miller, I was impressed and hooked. This is far from a sophomore slump; it leads you away from the nickelodeon star she used to be to being a pop superstar. This isn’t the girl from Victorious and she proves it with out any twerking needed. The album as a whole is good. Not perfect but its good, but I still enjoy it quite a bit. My favorite songs are Love Me Harder featuring: The Weeknd, Break Your Heart Right Back featuring: Childish Gambino, and Break Free featuring: Zedd.

Love Me Harder featuring: The Weeknd is one of those songs that had me saying “whoa”. The Weeknd’s voice and Ariana Grande’s are perfect together on this track. I also am a big Weeknd fan so that also could be a contributing factor as well. It’s catchy and can easily get stuck in your head.

Break Your Heart Right Back featuring: Childish Gambino has a decent beat on it. Its the sample from Diana Ross’s “I’m coming out” that catches your ear at first, it adds more to the chorus than just Ari singing on it. Gambino adds a punch line filled verse that is perfect alongside the beat, its nice to see Gambino on more songs.

Break Free featuring: Zedd is good track that could almost be thrown onto a Zedd album instead of Ari’s album. It to me at least, sticks out like a sore thumb; just cause the beat is different than most of the songs on the album.

Her sophomore album reached number 1 on the billboard charts this year. This will be her second album this year to reach number 1! Talk about avoiding that sophomore slump, she jumped right over that. The album is great where its not so immature like her first album, I feel like she showed she matured on this album quite a bit. Its a good pop album not a must buy album though, if you like pop music you will enjoy this album.

here is the album on spotify! Go buy it!!!! SUPPORT ARTIST!

ariana grande - my everything album 1


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