I Don’t Dance – Lee Brice

At last Lee brice released his new sophomore album I Don’t Dance. This is probably the first country album I was extremely eager to get released, and when I saw it pop up on the new release page on spotify I was more than excited to listen it. I quickly made a playlist of the album and shut down spotify while my class began to start this morning. As soon as my day was over at school I hopped in my car and cranked the album up and started driving. It didn’t disappoint I’ll tell you that, Lee brice was able to give every kind of fan of his what they wanted to hear. With ballads, and auto tune, and even pop country all packed into one album. It’s hard for me to pick only three songs on here that I like, but my favorite three is I Don’t Dance, Sirens, and Girls In Bikinis.

I Don’t Dance the title track and the first single is my favorite. It has a nice beat to begin with and the lyrics are simple and catchy. The song its self he wrote for his first dance with his wife on their wedding day. It wasn’t even supposed to be on his new album, and I think that’s pretty neat that he added it.

Sirens is a slow song that begins with Lee brice whispering the lyrics and then picks up and tells a story of a Woman hitchhiker who’s on the run from the law. It captures you once it starts to pick up, it has wanting to know more and more. Once the chorus comes in though you will for sure be singing alongside the lee Brice with that catchy chorus.

Girls in Bikinis is a pop country song for sure, it has nice loops on it. When it first came out I had mixed feelings about it, and wasn’t sure if I liked it at all. But I kept playing it on one of my other playlists and it finally grew on me. Its catchy as well I sometimes catch myself singing it at work, while I’m stocking shelves or pushing carts.

Lee Brice did a good job on his sophomore album; it has a little bit of everything that country music today has to offer. Its a good country album for any country lover, there are a lot of good songs on here and maybe one or two that I could skip on. I might actually have to go out and buy the physical copy, just cause I would like to have it in my car so if I have low battery on my iPhone I can fall back onto that awesome CD. It’s definitely worth the listen all the way through, even a repeat album. You don’t HAVE to buy it but I recommend it or at least get it on Spotify.


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