Souled Out- Jhene Aiko

Jhene Aiko released her new album Souled Out. It’s a good album the production and lyrics on it are great. The only thing I do not like is that it feels so repetitive; every song seems similar that the whole album feels like one giant song. The lack of collaborations from other artist would really help out, and make it not feel so repetitive. I love her angelic voice, and her atmospheric beats as well though. Her voice and beats is the only thing that keeps me listening to this album, its just so pleasing to the ear. Eternal Sunshine, Pretty Bird (Freestyle), and Promises.

Eternal Sunshine is an atmospheric song where it’s very lighthearted. I imagine it being in a Disney movie where the sun is setting on a town or in a field somewhere. It is here where I can feel her bringing a positive and happy vibe to the song and ending to the album. This is towards the end of the album, where it belongs because it fits perfectly.

Pretty Bird (Freestyle) is the last song on the album with its one of two features. Common comes in on the last verse with a great verse where he states in a spoken word format “I’ve seen the strongest of them be torn from men. Ripped apart and get put back together. Them the ones with the most beautiful feathers.” I thought this song was a great little ending part where Jhene Aiko just wants you to get the message, to just hold on. Hang in there pain is only temporary.

Promises is also towards the end, it features Jhene’s daughter in it. Its a pretty cute track, the beginning has her daughter and I think its her brother singing. In the track she discusses her suicidal thoughts from losing her brother to cancer. It also has her singing about her having to be an artist and a mother at the same time. Leaving her daughter to go on the road is a hard task. Her daughter and her sing on the chorus together and adds a great element to the track.

The album is a good album, not great. Not great only because its so repetitive, I had to search for the songs I liked for five minutes before I figured out which song was which cause they all sound similar. If you notice most of the songs I chose where from the end, that’s when the album starts for me to differ from the beginning. Jhene still offered amazing lyrics and amazing production on this album. It just needed a few more collaborations or something to make it less repetitive. Other than that its a good album not a must have but a good listen for cruising or relaxing.



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