This Is All Yours – Alt J

Alt-J released their I would say highly anticipated album a few weeks ago. The follow up to their amazing album “An Awesome Wave”, it’s quite a bit different from the first album. It is a lot slower and mellower than the first one. It is a great album, Its not terrible or bad or even just good. I think it was a great follow up to their first album. You don’t want to keep doing the same thing over and over again, so it’s good to mix it up. The album as a whole is great all around from the lyrics to the instrument to the all around sound. Not only are the singles great, but also so are all the rest of the tracks. My favorites are Every Other Freckle, Bloodflood pt. II, and Warm Foothills.

Every Other Freckle has a great beginning sound and flows really well into the rest of the song. I love the lyrics they are catchy and fun. The instrumentals are simply great in this song as well; really glad they picked this as a single.

Bloodflood pt. II is a follow up to one of my favorite songs off the first album. It’s an enjoyable second part it’s smooth, and soft just like the first one. It doesn’t fail to live up to the first one; it gets you relaxed and calm. I love the addition of the piano into the song as well.

Warm Foothills is a soft song too, I enjoy the trade off in vocals on this track. It’s relaxing and is pleasing to the ears; it has a nice beat to it and is just kind of got a happy almost blissful feel to it.
I am happy with this type of music added to the album and okay with it.

Alt-J is on the right track with their albums, this album to say the least is amazing. If not amazing, it’s a great sophomore album. Not a chance at a sophomore slump here, everything here is great growth from their first album. A lot of comments are being said that they are the Radiohead of this generation. They got a few albums to go before they get there but I do not see why they can’t be after hearing this album. This album is a must buy, its honestly that good.



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