Everything Will Be Alright In The End- Weezer

It has been 4 years since Weezer has released a new album; their latest is titled “Everything Will Be Alright In The End”. It is a pretty good album if there wasn’t certain tracks on it, I do like how the are sounding like they did when they first started out though. There are a few tracks I would suggest get rid of to make it a better album. Get rid of “Da Vincii”, “Cleopatra”, and “The British Are Coming”. These are the three tracks that just turned me off from the album. They turned me off because they were just so childish almost. Anyway my favorite songs from the album are “Ain’t got Nobody”, “Back To The Shack”, and “Lonely Girl”.

“Aint Got Nobody” comes in with some nice guitar riffs after their little intro. It has a good feel to it, reassuring Weezer is back with a new album. It had me smiling through the whole track, and I knew this would be a good album. Just from this song it had the melody of a typical Weezer song from back in 1994 like it was from the blue album or even from Pinkerton.

“Back To Shack” was a different feel to it; it almost has the same melody from their song “Beverly Hills”. I love that song and I love this song, just it sounds almost kind of similar to me. It’s a good song, where they apologize to their fans for straying away from their original sound.

“Lonely Girl” again is just a typical Weezer song, like it should be on a B-side to Pinkerton. It’s songs like these that should be on the album of a Weezer album. It has it positive guitar riffs; it makes you want to sing right alongside it.

Weezer has delivered its fans a pretty good album. It just needs a little bit of fine-tuning, getting rid of the songs I mentioned previously. I really think they are on the right track to making albums like the blue album and Pinkerton, if they make songs like “Ain’t Got Nobody”. If they continue making albums like this with songs filled with similar sounds of Pinkerton and such, then they should be fine. Also they will be able to keep their core fans and maybe even attract new fans.


( Spotify Web player coming soon)


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