Kauai- Childish Gambino

Childish Gambino released his second project titled Kauai, which is just short of his STN MTN mixtape release. It’s a bit different than his other STN MTN. It’s different because he doesn’t really rap that much on this EP. He sings the majority of this album and has more of part of tracks where Jaden smith is just talking and telling stories on some tracks. Which is different but can get annoying. Regardless the tracks he does sing or rap on are on point and great. My favorite tracks are “Sober”, “Retro [Rough]”, and “Pop Thieves (Make It Feel Good)”.

“Sober” has an awesome beat; it sounds like a beat that came straight from the 80’s. It is heavy on the synths, which is done in a great way not overwhelming. He sings amazing on this track, as well the lyrics are pretty good. He compares her love to a drug and now that their love is ended he can never be sober again. He switches the beat towards the end and it’s good but I wouldn’t have ended it that way.

“Retro [Rough]” is another one that has a great beat, it’s one the only tracks I think he perfectly balances singing and rap together. When he does rap on this track, he is on point going with the beat. The lyrics he is rhyming are also great, and will get your attention.

“Pop Thieves (Make It Feel Good)” is a song that has Childish Gambino singing for most of the track. The beginning starts with seagulls in the intro then fading into some nice synths and bass. It’s a song you will want to sing out loud in the car. You almost want to get up and dance to it, its that good of a song. Around 3:33 the song comes to an end and leads into an Outro monologue of Jaden Smith.

This Ep Childish Gambino has released is great. It is a good continuation of his mixtape STN MTN’s; I almost wish he combined the two. STN MTN does have more of him rapping on tracks and this one does have more of him just singing on the tracks. This to me almost means he wants more radio play, because these songs are almost all radio playable tracks. Childish Gambino offers and great Ep and keeps us wanting more, and we can’t wait to hear what he has for us in the future!



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