STN MTN – Childish Gambino

Donald Glover, or how the hip-hop world knows him Childish Gambino. Just released his mixtape STN MTN. Mixtapes are always a great way to prepare the fans for what the artist has in store for them when there album drops. It ties fans down for awhile until that said album does drop too. STN MTN is a good mixtape all the tracks that Childish Gambino goes on and raps and sings is great. I could do without the tracks where It’s just him talking, and less of the tracks that he merged all into one. It looks like that seems to be the trend lately, merging tracks together. I know Drake loves to do that on his albums and I’ve seen Tyler The Creator do it on his last album Wolf. It’s good every now and then but after awhile if you really love one part of the song then your kind of screwed. Anyway my favorite songs off this mixtape are “F***s Given”, “Candler Road”, and “Money Baby”.

“F***s Given” is the second song on the mixtape and it has a great beat. Childish Gambino starts of singing then comes in with some rap, Its different and that’s why I took note of it. I took note of this song over most of the songs on the mixtape, the only issue for me on this song is it’s too short!

“Money baby” is a little longer song than “F***s Given”, the beat here also is on point. Childish Gambino does a great job going with the beat, they are perfectly in sync together. Childish Gambino is lyrically doing great, balancing singing and rapping very nicely.

“Candler Road” the beat alone lets you know that Childish Gambino is going to go in on this track. Its ominous tone lets you know this, and when Childish Gambino comes in you realize he’s here to spit fire. It switches up at around 1:30, and it sounds like a track off his second album Because of the Internet. It is an excellent track, one of my top favorites off the album.

Childish Gambino gave his fans an excellent album to hold us down until his next project drops. The only problem I have with the album like I said before is the merging tracks and the songs where he just talks like they are interludes. Other than those two things the mixtape is great. After hearing this mixtape I am really excited what he has in store for us with his Ep titled Kauai.


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