1989 – Taylor Swift

I am a little late on this review, but I had to do it! Taylor Swift has released “1989”, a more poppy album than she has released before (in my opinion). The album is amazing; it’s amazing that every song on the album is so catchy. You can sing alongside any one of these songs. Even her highly criticized song “Welcome To New York” is really catchy. There are far too many songs on this album that I love, so this makes it extra hard to narrow it down to three songs. The three songs I have brought it down to are “Blank Space”, “Wonderland”, and “This Love”. I am not saying these are the best songs, but just are the ones that stood out to me.

“Blank Space” has a really nice opening beat; it has a great beat throughout the whole track. Taylor’s voice pairs so well with the beat. It is her poking fun at her self, and her past relationships. She found a way to bring that so called stigma about her around and use it to her advantage. I believe it’s a hit single and I can see why, it just sounds really good.

“Wonderland” is a little slower song, which I thing she does a little better on. The song itself has a great chorus; the beat that comes in once the chorus hits is great. I love the way the beginning verse of almost all the verses start off slow then begins to build up. It just is a really good song.

“This Love” is a really calming song to me. It has such a relaxing feel to it; at the same time song it’s an emotional song about returning love and dying love. It’s a really sweet song, I like it a lot, and the production on it is really good.

The whole album is amazing; it is an amazing transition from her country pop to pure pop. It’s a pure pop album, and it’s not a shitty pop album. Its actually really good pop album, it shows Taylor’s strength as an artist to thrive so well in a different genre than pop country. Her love for 80’s synth is full blast on this album with only few songs that remind me of the old stuff she has done. Yes this album is different, and it’s a good different. Anyone one who likes Taylor swift even just a tiny bit will love this album. So go buy it now!!



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