Ferg Forever – A$AP Ferg

A$AP!!!! A$AP Ferg released a nice little mixtape for his fans on black Friday. It took me at least two listens to get used to Ferg’s Elastic voice again. This mixtape is a good follow up to his first album, and I am patiently waiting for his sophomore album. I am praying that he does not go through a sophomore slump. Dj Drama and his annoying tags are the only thing I have a problem with, someone please get the tag less version out first! The songs that stood out to me were “This Side Feat: YG”, “JA Rule Feat Big Sean”, and “Reloaded Let it Go Part 2 Feat M.I.A. and Crystal Caine’s”.

“This Side Feat: YG” has a beat that sounds like it was produced by Dj mustard, but Fam did it. That’s the first thing I noticed. The beat bangs in the car, the YG feature was perfect on the beat. I love how Ferg comes in on the first verse, and his sound effects and his exaggeration of words are on point in this. YG does a verse that is perfect on this beat, he does these awesome verses and then he falls short on his own stuff. This can be a little frustrating, and lack of consistency from him is annoying.

“JA Rule Feat Big Sean” The beats on all these tracks are just so on point I love it. This song has a JA rule sample in the back of the chorus if you listening carefully. It’s just slowed down a lot, which is pretty clever and fits the beat perfect. Big Sean’s verse on this is insane; he goes off on this track. After hearing this verse and his latest singles it makes me so much more excited for his sophomore album! Ferg has a good first verse but Big Sean shines on this track way more. I would like to have heard another verse Ferg on this track but that’s okay.

“”Reloaded Let it Go Part 2 Feat M.I.A. and Crystal Caine’s” is a part 2 of a song off his first album titled ” Let It Go”. It is just as good as the original but not quite as good, it is still a good song though. It is hard to top the original because it’s just really good. The M.I.A. feature was perfect I wish she were on the original, also Crystal Caine’s damn did a really good job. This is the first time I heard from her and she sounds like she has some potential, hope to hear more from her. What caught me off guard on this track was the frozen let it go sample that was perfectly placed!

This mixtape was a nice little treat to have, it seems to me there hasn’t really been that many “good” mixtapes drop lately the last good mixtape I downloaded was Euroz memories and that was really good but highly underrated. This is a nice sample of what I hope to hear from A$AP Ferg in the future. This is what he needs to continue doing on his albums and not fall short like A$AP Rocky did on his first album. Rocky had a great mixtape but his first album just didn’t live up to the hype and high expectations I had for it. A$AP Ferg’s on the other hand was great and an awesome first album. Lets hope his sophomore album is just as good!


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