Forest Hills Drive – J Cole

COLE WORLD! J Cole released his third album a while ago and I have been addicted to it. “Forest Hills Drive” went gold already and it moved 135k units its second week. This album is a little different from his first and second albums, its dark and it’s introspective, completely opposite of just club bangers. It has depth to it in every song, its more than money girls and clothes, its about real stuff that happens in life. This album has a lot of good songs but my favorite songs are “Love Yourz”, “Wet Dreamz”, and “No Role Modelz”.

“Love Yourz” Is most likely my favorite song off the album. It is very relatable for everyone, I love that the message it sends to the listeners. It basically says love what you have and not to love what everyone else has. That happiness isn’t the stuff that you want or want to buy, happiness is with the people you surround your self with. The piano on the beat is beautiful; in the beginning it reminds me from the video game “Kingdom Hearts”. I like the way J Cole raps with the beat and I absolutely love the lyrics with it.

“Wet Dreamz” had me chuckling the whole time, its a great story and made me laugh. I admire J Cole for his ability to tell stories when he raps, and that’s always fun to listen to. Even the beat is so good; the song is about Cole talking about being a virgin and about to smash for the first time. It explains all the events that lead up to that moment. He portrays the story very well and you can picture it in your head very well. You can easily sing along to this song, my buddy was bumping this song at his party and it was nice!

“No Role Modelz” Is most likely everyone’s favorite that I have let listen to the CD with. It’s beat is addictive you get your head nodding right away. The chorus is infectious to me; I catch myself at work yelling, “Don’t save her!” But also the little snippet from Bush is hilarious and I loved what he did with it. Its just a song you can even bump, its not even meant to be a banger but it turned out to be.

J Cole released and unexpected album almost pulling a Beyoncé, he had no single and his album went gold its second week I believe. That’s really good for an artist to achieve and he hasn’t disappointed me yet. I am a big J Cole fan since his mixtape “Friday Night Lights” I remember listening to that mixtape and saying ” Damn I hope this guy makes it big.” Now he has made it, he has made 3 great albums. You can hear influence from Drake and Kendrick all in this song; it looks like Kendrick’s verse from “Control” has brought out the best out of some these rappers. I really hope J Cole keeps on growing as an artist and makes more hit albums like this. An album that’s like this and ” Born Sinner” would be so amazing! Hip-hop fans will love this album!!


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